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Melee Weapons
Collection by a box
All my Melee weapons for tf2 Rate them All Below! -The Trenchers terrorizer -The Skullchopper -The Trickster's Pricker -The Butterknife -The Electric Impact
The Rum Runner
Collection by Jetstream Sam
It's important to look your best when you're running booze across the border, dodging cops, dodging bullets shot at you by cops, and dodging the friends of the cops you just shot. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. A couple of gangster-themed items ...
The Pyrosaurus
Collection by Gigazelle
A prehistoric Pyro set.
Mafia's Marksmann
Collection by Corvalho
A mafia themed set of items for the sniper
tyler's tf2 maps
Collection by tyler ☂
I specialize in maps that bots are very bad at playing.
The Secret League of Five Stars
Collection by henaro
Aerial Arsonist
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
More pilot themed stuff for the Pyro!
Collection by [UEAK]Crash
Maps created by UEAKCrash!
Mechanical Engineer
Collection by Wrench N Rockets
The Western Welder
Collection by JPRAS
A welder set for the Engineer!
Jump Maps
Collection by eX. wickEd_
TF2 Jump Maps
Populus' Workshop Collection
Collection by Populus
Workshop collection of items made by me!
The "Observer" Spy Set
Collection by Astute
Welcome to the collection page for the "Observer" Spy set. This is the first set of items I've done, and I'm using the new collection and discussion features to reveal my set. The set will be revealed gradually over the course of 5 days. Check back later ...
Collection by Populus
dergon pyro
Psy's TF2 Maps
Collection by psy
A collection of my TF2 maps.
Heavy Metal
Collection by Colteh
very cool heavy set
The Professional Standard
Collection by Sexy Robot
A lot of loyalty for a hired gun.
Vintage Pyrolean
Collection by Sky
Napoleonic wars inspired Pyro set. Shako, Coat and Gun based mostly on a blunderbuss.
Bionic Engie
Collection by BANG!
Singularity achieved.
New Teufort Wasteland: Part One
Collection by Sky
Part one of our "New Teufort Wasteland" Collection. 6 post-apocalyptic themed cosmetic sets, 4 weapons, 1 all-class misc. The remaining sets (Medic, Heavy, Soldier) are designed and partially completed, however due to other commitments of the main auth...
The Badlands Stranger
Collection by FiveEyes
"A bounty hunter with a big-ass exploding revolver, the wild west just got wilder..." - Bounty Hunter’s Brim - High Plains Bristles - Dustcatcher - Fully Leaded - Drunkard's Wrath Models: FiveEyes Texture/other: Gadget JPRAS: Rigging (Weste...
O Captain, my Captain
Collection by Uncle Grumpskin
A sailor set for Soldier!
The Winter Sniper Pack
Collection by Populus
A winter themed pack for the Sniper. Don't forget to comment, vote, favorite and post your stat ideas! :) Don't forget to check my other packs! :)
Pirate Of The Hebridean
Collection by Dewzie
A set of explosive-based weapons for the Demoman. For those wondering, the Hebridean Islands (Hebrides) are located off the west coast of Scotland.
Petyan The Unbreakable
Collection by Populus
Squatting is lifestyle!
Pyro's Summer Vacation
Collection by Snood
It's all fun and games for the Pyro this Summer.
Collection by ArakanI
A full set for the heavy, which transforms him into a Bigfoot!
Sydney Fisher
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
I wish, I wish I was a fish.
TF2: Team Fortress Classic Map Pack
Collection by <2F F> | PJX
This is the Team Fortress Classic 2 Team Fortress 2 Map Pack. It'll contain every standard map from TFC optimized and reworked for TF2. Stay Tuned! The Maps are a bit more TF2 optimized but will still give you this "classic" feeling while playing it. ...
The Old Salt
Collection by maniac™
Hardened seaman's heavy set.
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