Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Gamefire Media
pyro helecopter hat
Collection by: КАБАААААААН!
pyro helecopter hat which is roating. Helecopter sound.
pyro helecopter hat
Collection by: КАБАААААААН!
the pyro hat looks like helecopter. Its also roaring. It sounds like helecopoter
jagger jag
Collection by: djawesome9081
Collection by: 카페인 lollol!!!!
Collection by: 5060 Wanni
Soul Collection
Collection by: Scorpion
Pyro Flamethrower for Pyro
Collection by: CC
This is a new flamethrower collection for the Pyro in TF2. I have new designs and i am new at designing flamethrowers. I also will be designing other weapons for the Pyro, too.
the ragequiter
Collection by: AntonVdb1999
It's the best bow ever made for the sniper +10% health on wearer with every kill you will have back full health arrow cannot be put on fire
карабин м4
Collection by: Iron Wolf
американское оружие карабин м4 минимальная отдача стрельба очередями и многое другое делают оружие универсальным возможна установка лазе...
Collection by: tantris
Colección de prueba
Collection by: SeanRaider
snipers i found
Collection by: Qullix
demoman weapon whit sporty details
Collection by: Blaze Hart
french army
Collection by: krashfiston
une petit colection avec en particulier des arme
Collection by: Skyress
Pls add
Collection by: .,
все для найпера
Zee Manta
Collection by: [Plasma]IGhost
Zee Manta is a good hatz for holloween.
Collection by: Bi BAran
very super
Collection by: allthegoodnamesaregone
Collection by: ❤☮Peace☮❤
Collection by: #420 MLG Cataclysm™
bobby7´s gear
Collection by: bobby7
Raven Lightning Hood
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
A Raven Dropped This hood down from a lightning storm.
Stormy Dual side
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
I called it Stormy Dual side becuase the colors on it for some reason remind me of a storm...
Corinthian Guard
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
Rockin' Headset
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
8-Ball Headphones
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
Smelly Sock Hat
Collection by: Ridlah
A smelly sock with holes for eyes and a mouth
Collection by: Elhexiar
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