Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Gadget
Teufort MannCo Ninja Torchers
Collection by: RetroMike
What do you think they are under those masks?
Mannhattan Menace
Collection by: RetroMike
Two of the most loyal henchman an evil mastermind could ask for
Crocket Master
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba TheMurkyLurker
Fortunate Son
Collection by: GetGrenade
War never ends
The Melee Enthusiast
Collection by: DrSlowking
Pull out one of your many axes 'cause its time to use something besides flamethrowers. The SFM renders were done by Dilly Dong (he changes his name alot don't worry about it), and the models where made by DrSlowking. I know a few really good knight ...
Gate Crasher
Collection by: crazy-g
Cosmetics for the medieval Gate Crasher set.
Heartsman and IF's TF2 merchandise collection
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of our merchandise and linked promotional items submitted to the TF2 competition.
The Snow-Mann's Beard
Collection by: +HyperVolt+
Base on the soldier from the comic: "A cold day in hell" Paintable, 3 LODs, Flexable. Style 1: The Leaking Nose + The Snow-Mann's Beard. Style 2: The Leaking Nose. Style 3: The Snow-Mann's Beard.
El Texano
Collection by: Ertz™
Awesome TF2
Collection by: Sly the Kitsune
This is the collection of weapons that I believe will really give TF2 players new items to combine with and create strong setups
Daxter's Workshop Items
Collection by: TFRP|Daxter-Youtuber
It's Daxter's Workshop Items MUHAMAUHMAUHAMUHAU x)) Like it
TF2 Spaceworthy Extravaganza
Collection by: E-Arkham
A collection of space-themed items for TF2. Holograms galore! Space alien abduction implied!
tf2 pro stuff
Collection by: lol ded :&
here we have the most hard and cool stuff .the most popular and the cutest here is the awsome crations
Collection by: gameplayer
I think hes gone over board with love
The Exterminator
Collection by: ToxicWeasel
Do you have an infestation of any kind in your beloved home? If so.. contact us now! Disclaime: : your house must be fire proof.
The Darker Shade Of White
Collection by: +HyperVolt+
The first ever flipable sun-glasses 3 LODs, All Class, 2 Styles.
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Hunter RyDeR
Demoman Engineer Heavy Medic Pyro Scout Sniper Soldier Spy
Collection by: (Yo Chocola!)
Team Forteress
Collection by: [HUN]littleLAG
Hunter Fortress
Collection by: Hunter RyDeR
Mon Worshop pour Hunter
diamond collection
Collection by: Lue10ant diamond
Owen Games Pack
Collection by: dailygaming3103
This is the offical owen games pack. I am Owen Games on youtube and i play this! Ow, and join my new minecraft server:
Items that i want
Collection by: King harkinan
Theese are the items i would love to have
TF2 Fun Items
Collection by: Elliottlander
ummm..... They are cool and crazy items which in my opinion are fun to wear/use
Collection by: janikmacko10
Ja neviem už
Collection by: lena_ulasovskaya
Collection by: ^Fynnie.ღღ
Team Fortress 2 ( Hunter )
Collection by: Hunter RyDeR
Le Workshop de la Team Hunter
Snoipear Kit
Collection by: Tornado of the Shark Sharknado
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