Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Ballistic Pyro Set
Collection by: Insaneicide
A set by some peoples
Dr. Spaceman
Collection by: Uncle Grumpskin
Protect yourself from space with these Medic items!
Spy Face Mask Collection
Collection by: SparkWire
Two one of a kind face masks for your spy character; Perfect for any occasion!
The Sneaky Peeper Set
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
Contains both items in the Sneaky Peeper set
The Sea Dog
Collection by: VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
The Field Medic
Collection by: donhonk
A 2 item set for your Battle Medic loadouts. :) Please vote and share if you want to see them in the game!
Tobacco Tycoon
Collection by: Vulture
Bullet Boy
Collection by: Evan
Bullet boy scout set!
Urban Arsenal
Collection by: SparkWire
The Eliminator's Equipment
Collection by: Voltey
A full weapon set for the Sniper. Run away Spys.
The Hot Stuff
Collection by: CoBalt
For those who prefer an elevated temperature.
Team Fortress 2 Collection
Collection by: Rolandas [LTU]
WW2 tf2 collection
Collection by: SS Gruppenführer Wolfenstein
i found some WW2 themed items so here they are
Spacetraveler's Spacecap
Collection by: Milk O'War
Spacetraveler's Spacecap
TF2 Collection
Collection by: *Mrgrgr Intensifies*
ДуШеВнАя АтмоСферКа))
Collection by: SELSCRIM
Tf2 WorkShop
Collection by: Jewpacabra
Random Stuff
Collection by: ~Zephyr~
Fun stuff for TF2 :D!! (VALVE ADD THESE AND GIVE ME SOME)...
My Favourite Team Fortress Classic Collection
Collection by: Dispenser
Volvo Need add this
Collection by: Yami Ryone
Volvo need add this to TF2, is just FANTASTIC!
The Alcoholic All-Father
Collection by: InfectedPotato
More beard! More helmet! More footwear!
Boy's Ball Cap (style2)
Collection by: johnnykrajcovic
The Breakface Club
Collection by: tanker
Four pyros with nothing in common, except their breakfast preferences...and their hatred of spies.
My favourite stuff
Collection by: skullmaster588
Just stuff that i'll get soon or later or something or just keep it as collection soo yeah. bacon
Collection by: Dark $ Grandroxas
Random Weps That i liek
Collection by: ƧΣЯPΣЯIӨЯ
Just a collection that i made. This is my first collection so dont judge :P
Collection by: Sucktaculers
its cool tf2 stuff
tf2 collection
Collection by: Othercat
this contains hats and stuff for tf2. do not delete.
Collection by: davebiduk
a bunch of stuff
Collection by: MrProper0711
It's an ultimate sniper's gear. It's only for real Team Fortress lovers. It has 5 cool items : a beautiful hat, a fantastic sniper rifle, a submashine gun, a sharp knife, and a binoculars. It's all what does real PRO sniper need. I hope you'd like it so m...
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