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Freeman's Whiskers
Collection by ℐℎℯ Dan Plaksin29515
The clutch
Collection by THE DARK RAGE
The Dress
Collection by Polishmeister™
To jest dresiarski styl zioom.
Engineer time!
Collection by TheJMNations
This may get interesting......
The Lost
Collection by Analgeddon
Hat Scratch Fever
Collection by [Plasma]IGhost
This item is equiped in the Melee slot,Everyporson who get killed by the pyro will gain health 75% on kill
Collection by BATATA
Team Fortress 2 things
Collection by Raidraptors - Kasim Ali
Some things
Sappy Sentry
Collection by PikaZiu
Collection by Cookie?™
My collection is gonna be fun and great weapons i think
cap garren-lagan
Collection by ☆Savior☆
cap is Effect:spiral
Russ Kollecshion
Collection by Инспектор Кот
71 rus Kollecshion
Collection by Luka4enko
Slows the opponent by 60% to 7 seconds
Lasers & Futuristic Hats
Collection by The Iron Foley
"When I kill something, I want it to be vaporized." You know who said that? William Howard Taft. One of our nations greatest presidents can't be wrong. Unfortunately, he died before he could grasp a fine laser rifle in his hands. Fortunately, his legacy o...
pyro maniac
Collection by twolfe
The Phlogistinator, the Manmelter, and the Sharpened Volcano Fragment. This is an idea for an item set that gives -25 health, + 5% afterburn damage, + 5% "Mmmph" (after afterburn damage / regular damage), - 5% regular damage, and + 25% ammo. [or variati...
Collection by Just Do It
The Best
Collection by 怒りと激怒
Paperstreet factory
Collection by Chichi
Publishing some good stuff for friends.
Collection by  The Sanksquatch
Items that 0011110000110011 thinks are good and should be added to the game.
Its weapons kill you!
Collection by RandoM
Collection by StarLord
All warefar items WW1 to Future have fun with them in Tf2!
the extraterestrial
Collection by Ferrarichamp15-Solo wing
only extange weapons for all class
Uber-mas 2012
Collection by BLINK
Contains er... "Winter Holiday" themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and aesthetic items that I would love to see Valve include in an Australian Christmas update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for "Wint...
zag's stuff to rate up and favorite
Collection by the brony bus
rate up and favorite these items
Collection by Kolxoz
Collection by Dexter-Walker
Collection by Wiz_of_Time
Quantum Engineer
Collection by Abracas (AdO)
The mix collection
Collection by Alessandro
Questa collezione è ricca di armi di alto livello e comprende armi per più classi contemporaneamente
The Silencer
Collection by TypicalAussie01
This tipe of gun has the quitest sound any other gun could get. Its shoots the same as a Glock ( tipe of gun) . The Glock will be black and the silencer will be silver.
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