Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Eerie Sky
Mods available at individual item's pages.
Bolshevik Bozo
Collection by: Br▲ins
What's the matter kiddo, you're not afraid of clowns are ya?
ETF2L 2014 medals
Collection by: maniac™
ETF2L 2014 medals
Custom Unusual Effects
Collection by: JCapps (Sm4sh Bros)
All unusual effects that I have made!
Spoils of Liberty
Collection by: Mr. 3nigma
A collection of all the items that Engie managed to escape with, when he was abducted by Gray Mann for his nefarious schemes.
Collection by: Makar
He'll cure your hangover. Permanently.
Gingerbread Collection
Collection by: Evil_Slayer_Knevil
Collecting all the tasty gingerbread classes. Let's taste the team!
Dell in a Shell
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
A collection of items for Halloween 2014, based around the idea of the 'Turtle Engie'
The Four Eyed Support
Collection by: Corvalho
A colection of nerdish items for the engineer.
Jacques the Ripper
Collection by: [BMS] Rozzy
Taking the shortcut through that dark alley will cut both you and your journey time in half.
TF2 Halloween 2013: Rain*carnations
Collection by: Br▲ins
All Submissions for Halloween 2013 by Rain*
Statyk's Spring/Summer Collection
Collection by: Statyk
Collection of items I've made that I feel best fit the Spring and Summer vibes.
Problem's Halloween Haunts
Collection by: Problem
Problem's set of TF2 Workshop Halloween Items for Halloween 2013
The Flying Pets Set
Collection by: heinous
EVERY item in this collection is Gold Star Certified AND has wings flapping straight from the .zip file, no editing on Valve's behalf is required.
Ze Experiment
Collection by: ToxicWeasel
Results of that medicine were... unexpected!..... RRRRUN!!!
The Cavalryman's Kit
Collection by: Camp
The collection consists of 4 items... 'Cavalry Cover' - Hat 'Cavalry Sabre' - Melee Weapon 'Cavalry Tack' - Misc Item 'Cavalry Spurs' - Misc Item Well, that's about it... Much regards.
Boston Banchō
Collection by: Vulture
The Lost Cosmonaut
Collection by: Spookwire◝('ω'◝ )
This is the voyage of the first Russian Cosmonaut. His five-week mission: to explore strange new weapons; to seek out new life and to kill it; to boldly go where no man was strong enough to go before.
The Workout Plan
Collection by: Wowza
Blazing Sentries
Collection by: ToxicWeasel
Draw!?...haha! I think your'e out gunned son!.. But ya'll back now ye hear!
"Moneybags" Mundy
Collection by: Constructor
Frosty Face Warmer Styles
Collection by: Evil_Slayer_Knevil
- All class! - Paintable! - Flexes! - Different pattern for each class! - Lod 0, 1 & 2 - Model by Evil_Knevil - Texture by Texman - Flexes by Jpras - Concept by Serious_Greg
Lab Essentials
Collection by: Eerie Sky
Rex Lusca
Collection by: Ertz™
selfexplanatory :)
Collection by: Gadget
Classic Zombie Hunter
Collection by: Blood-Curdling Psyke
Everything you need for bustin' up the undead.
Spy Ninja Assassin
Collection by: ReznorsRage
Introducing The Spy's Ninja Assassin Pack. After many years of training in the Art of ninjitsu, the Spy's sensi gifted him a set of handcrafted tools, weapons and apparel as a way of saying "You have out grown my teachings, please don't kill me". Items i...
Hell's Cook
Collection by: DrSlowking
Food is good.
The Right Lung of Hell
Collection by: Spookzy
Rattle your heads! Rattling Respirator includes: -3 LODs! -Paintable Eyes! -Glowing Eyes! -Jigglebones! Chain of Command Includes: -2 LODs! -Paintablility
Mecha Mann
Collection by: GetSpooked
Sometimes you must fight fire with fire.
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