Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Rifle-Axe
Cthulhu's Wrath
Collection by: Cthulhu
Robotic Boogaloo 2.0
Collection by: Doctor Pepper
This collection consists of really cool robotized cosmetics that i would like to see in the game
Any TF2 Things
Collection by: imdaboss2
It's a collection of TF2 things that I could use on my characters.
Collection by: GROF.&GhOsT&RiDeR&
ofi gate -4- supergun
TF2 Stuff
Collection by: MrSpades
Trying to make a nice collection of TF2 pics and just stuff.
Collection by: DOOM GIVER
it is alsome
Pyro Itens
Collection by: ! # Magah Mundial
aystin's item
Collection by: tajbryant
i've been evpecting you
austin's items
Collection by: tajbryant
you have a new item :D
Collection by: DmanOdstz6987
Engineering Room
Collection by: PrometheusCODEX
The best class in da world!
Teh TF2 Collection
Collection by: Heat Miser
hai dis is mie collection yohu duhm duhm
Comforting Companion
Collection by: Voodoo
Comforting Companion: 3 Styles Sometimes battle away from home can be rough, Always good to have your pillow and teddy to ease the pain. ========= 3 Styles: Comforting Companion: Red has plain pillowcase, Blu has stripes. Opposite: Blu ...
3 Below
Collection by: Voodoo
3 Below: 3 styles 3 Below refers to the temperature or the bodycount (Sniper saves shells of victims in his hat). 3 Styles: 3 Below: has earflaps down. Cold Killer: Has flaps down and icycles Heatwave: Earflaps up. Team Colors, Pa...
WorkShop Item Testing
Collection by: hackercast12
This is just a collection that tests items
Collection by: Hs^Sport!nG # Fatal1T
team fortres
Collection by: johnax
Collection by: yolomcswed
tf2 worshop
Frantic Fireman Set Styles
Collection by: Voodoo
Frantic Fireman Set : 3 Styles Frantic Fireman: A fire extinguisher backpack (Back-up Plan) AND a set of boots (Ash Kickers) Back-up Plan : A higher poly Fire Extinguisher backpack ONLY. Ash Kickers : Fireman boots ONLY. (compatible with ot...
Team fortress weapons
Collection by: Count weasel
Collection by: ToxicWaterMC
yo i dont give a crap
Collection by: [{OpTc}] Gaming
yo it is just intresting just look at it i dont give a crap.
TF2 stuff
Collection by: Mico99598
Collection by: theboxgost
Too much stuff
Collection by: mikewaid.facebook
All the stuff that I can't carry with me and then some
Collection by: mrcreeper
tf2 alfa
Collection by: jaxvern2002
wepons and aparol ;D
Meh collection
Collection by: Mr.Top Notch
Just some stuff i like....yeah
Dylan's TF2 Colection
Collection by: Shay9499
all my TF2 colection
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