Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Burning Ranger
Collection by: Spook Moonman
Your flames are the flames that will pierce the heavens!
Amazing ideas I wish I made.
Collection by: it's chilly
Collection by: Pit6139
Neat things that needed to be added.
Collection by: Cyan Junkie
Top List Of Prototpyes
Collection by: Noob_Syb0t
I Find the Weapons that I feel are unique, different, and not just reskins for items. (Might throw in a hat or taunt in once in a while.)
Collection by: griloz
the cool
team fortress
Collection by: PepijnLinden
Collection by: westley51
bring it on
Collection by: scoutinator
I haven't got a headgear for the soilder and i really want it please
Team Fotress
Collection by: yscyol2000
The Deep Fried Dummy
Collection by: BANG!
BAM! I've got a bucket of fried chicken AND a chicken suit! Chicks DIG a man in a suit!
Sniffer Stash
Collection by: Pepper
A blerf!
Warlock Wear
Collection by: Spookzy
a Warlock set for Medic.
Gibbly's Terror Fortress Collection! Ѽ
Collection by: ѼHalloween Themed NameѼGibbly
A frightening (or laugh inducing) collection of halloween items i've contributed to this year Ѽ
Heavy Metal
Collection by: Ghoulteh . ͜ . ѼѼѼ
very cool heavy set
Collection by: Je_Suis_Kawaii
killers collection
Collection by: Deathstroke
Awesome Collection
Collection by: haknumanmc
All types of stuff
Halloween 2014 Predictions
Collection by: Useless Gun
Hopefully Valve won't add the rest of the Magical Mercenary. R.I.P. Tenth Class
Collection by: alexcatela
Collection by: gunshark1234
its awsome
Collection by: jordanhunterhere
Halloween items.
The Manngaroo
Collection by: <<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba
Set of 3 Kangaroo items for Sniper
Collection by: antonboev
qka eeeeeeeeeee
The Gut Garments
Collection by: K_Factor
A halloween costume set for 2014. Made by K_Factor, Toxicweasel, and Bloodfart.
The UnHoly Mackerel
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
"My leg!"
The One Pyro Band
Collection by: Hobo on Fire!
The One Man Band set thrown together by our very own Pyro for this year's Halloween.
Collection by: ingarasmussen62
Collection by: SUBEZ
Collection by: super soldier
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