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Collection by wolfgang3d3
its using wolf style and texture
Elite Assortment
Collection by Flash
A collection of the best items to expand any fighter's arsenal. Are you ready to compete with the Elite?
Valor's Collection
Collection by Pika-Piii
Imagination and style makes everything appealing!
пинг понг
Collection by Господинъ Язь
Collection by Turtle Jesus
My collection focusses on spy weapons, hats/other, and sets.
Collection by [SS007] - CharlieSandwich009
Она из игры MW2 {Это снайперская винтовка }
Armas perimalucas pyroland
Collection by MANIAC BR
AO USAR VISTA A PYROLANDIA.São armas mais perigosas,mais maulcas,e mais fatais.
guns of death
Collection by Mp7DinoGamer
Collection by unbelievable
i love trainz
Collection by gianncarvallo
lol no pic
the shooters
Collection by AhBenYes!
collec tion ultime
Collection by llamapalooza
tf2 weps and other stuff
Collection by little black guy
Collection by mr.bluebananas
The best gear that you can actually play with
Collection by Walker
Collection by semka master Grefeer
It's cool :)
Collection by xdzhekaxd
Funny weapons
Heavy's Hardware
Collection by Nyako
These are the Heavy items that I think should be implemented into TF2...
Pyro's Picks
Collection by Nyako
These are the Pyro items that I think should be implemented into TF2
The holiday kill
Collection by thadey.k
This is for you to kill your enimes with holiday cheer.
Collection by Mr_AzottY
The GentleMedic
Collection by Von Raptor
Only the most sophisticated of GentleMedics can use these most refined of items, and now YOU CAN TOO! Join the ranks of the Sophisticated Surgeons, and show those Rotten Cads how to look good whilst still practicing medicine! Conquer the Poor and Ir...
Items That NEED To Be In TF2
Collection by [???] MarioBrandon
(MY OPINION) These Items Really Need To Be In TF2! I Hope They Get Chosen!
The BraundenBurg
Collection by ponyspenser
Whether it's from heavy against a spy, to a scout and a pyro you can always protect yourself from enemies that are always after you. This is an epic shottie that makes your enemies run in fear. Spy amongst your team? No prob. Scput trying to outrun you? B...
Collection by -=GHS=-Ivan
enemy spy
Piece of joke
Collection by BiggusDickus
Looking for good items ^ ^
The Power of Möp möp!
Collection by Mei
By the force of "Möp Möp" it is given to you, for a greater glory!
Low-Budget Heavy
Collection by ZedXenon
This is a collection of two Heavy items I think would go great together because of the cheapness of the items in question.
A TF2 Collection
Collection by « Curly »
Dis is a Collection of TF2
Collection by Handsome Waluigi
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