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Mj's collecion
Collection by :(
Mj's collection
zooms collection
Collection by ★Allstar★
i love the itoms pipol make so i have to calickt thime
pyro mage set
Collection by The Anal Blood Knight
just items i think would make the most mage like pyro
Collection by Паркурщик
я накапливаю вещи
My TF2 Collection
Collection by ItalianGoblin420
medic robots
Collection by [{PRO}]Life TO Die[{PRO}]
The KABOOM Collection
Collection by RX-124 Gundam TR-6 (Woundwort)
i like the demoman but there are other things and other classes that i like so i dedacate the collection to tf2!
Collection by Calm-Ω
The TF2 Collection or something
Collection by [BotC]NAFEDUDE
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