Team Fortress 2
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Collection by √@Glot_X(='.'=)
Collection by {FancyBitch}
its a good gun
Solamame Selection
Collection by BOKOSUKA
Collection by [DFS]Painis Cupcake
Mr Kerns collection
Collection by Luftfahrtgeneral_GER_PL
its ispired by a math teacher, mr kern
Collection by Fun police
Basicly, the sentry is replaced with a turret from p0rtal.
Collection by zombie 7775
Testing Stuff
Collection by Shadow Bob
just for testing i do not think i will make anything
Sniper Barnet 50cal
Collection by *|PEZ|* SuperNova K4
The Barnet 50cal - When Zoomed press 't' to fire a net , trapping your enemy for 5 seconds making it easier for you to kill them! Attachments if possible - Wire netting (traps enemy for 10seconds instead of 5) - Double Shot (lets you shoot two shots be...
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