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Collection by The legend never dies
The Best
Collection by 怒りと激怒
Paperstreet factory
Collection by Chichi
Publishing some good stuff for friends.
Collection by  The Sanksquatch
Items that 0011110000110011 thinks are good and should be added to the game.
Its weapons kill you!
Collection by Do It
Collection by Vision
All warefar items WW1 to Future have fun with them in Tf2!
the extraterestrial
Collection by Ferrarichamp15-Solo wing
only extange weapons for all class
Uber-mas 2012
Collection by BLINK
Contains er... "Winter Holiday" themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and aesthetic items that I would love to see Valve include in an Australian Christmas update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for "Wint...
zag's stuff to rate up and favorite
Collection by the brony bus
rate up and favorite these items
Collection by Kolxoz
Collection by Dexter-Walker
Collection by Wiz_of_Time
Quantum Engineer
Collection by Abracas (AdO)
The mix collection
Collection by Alessandro
Questa collezione è ricca di armi di alto livello e comprende armi per più classi contemporaneamente
The Silencer
Collection by TypicalAussie01
This tipe of gun has the quitest sound any other gun could get. Its shoots the same as a Glock ( tipe of gun) . The Glock will be black and the silencer will be silver.
the Mann Killers
Collection by (JSJG)JaretedSniperTf2landgamer3
This is a Collection of some POWERFUL weapons enjoy them :D
Dark Harvests Macabre Mansion!
Collection by BKG (the imp)
this collection is for items that simply have an awesome, yet creepy or monstrous aspect to them. which is right up my alley! most of these items must be good. and they all have the same theme. so enjoy my collection of the cool, the creepy, and the MA...
Soldier Weapons
Collection by Esassin
Weapons for the TF2 Soldier.
cool stuff for havey
Collection by R-E-T-R-O H-U-T G-A-M-E-R
all the cool havey stuff you can think of.
tf2 awesomeness
Collection by 「Sad. IDK」
awesome stuff
Collection by sphinxnoir
Collection by BABA-YAGA <3
Всякая всячина
Collection by Scout Counter Attack (ey b0ss)
try it out
Itz's Appreciation Fund
Collection by Dr. Dub
Collection by Captain Gum Munch
Quality items
Collection by Black Pete
this items are all PUNK ITEMS!
Collection by Black Pete
all kinds of SCARY things here
Collection by Otakia
scary stuff
min samling
Collection by M.BadassVNeKo™
jeg har lavert et samling fordi jeg synse at dishonored er nice så ja det er et nice spil
the running sentry
Collection by KILLERMAUS
der engenier kann seine level 1 Sentry auf dem rücken tragen aber die sentry ist nicht inaktiv sonder aktiv auf dem rücken und schießt
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