Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: StormyAscent
Collection by: ItzxNexus
Collection by: [Move, Schnell] LadyGothHeart
These are just some of the items I've seen around the workshop that I really want to see be made for the game.
Defender of DeGroot Keep
Collection by: MultiTrip🎀
Nothing gets past you.
крутая фигня
Collection by: Extract 560
The Means of Reduction
Collection by: Swinetower
Just a flaming footlocker of miltaristic oy vey.
Collection by: SedimentarySocks
XL Scout Set
Collection by: Ruskeydoo
Shotgun Heavies of the world unite! Fat Scouts, now is our time! For too long have we had to suffer people's narrow minded preconceptions of what a Heavy should do. Medics telling us "You wasted my uber", Soldiers saying "Stop pushing the cart". Cast a...
TF2 collections
Collection by: RiotDroll
Sick Stuff
Collection by: Kevin Spacey™
Hot shit
The Sound of Progress
Collection by: Norman3D
The Buckingham Malice
Collection by: Smeghead
Apparently, the criteria for joining the British Royal Guard aren't that high anymore... Consists of a coat and a bearskin hat. The strap of the hat is jiggleboned (animated GIF coming up!).
Scout and Quiet Heavy
Collection by: GoLDeN
Swagalicious Sniper set!
Collection by: $WAGMAN68
so awesome, its as awesome as finding diamonds in vanilla minecraft
Meine Maps
Collection by: Bl4ckH4wkHD
Alle meine Maps.
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: maxime66410
Team Fortress
Collection by: Zanexsas
pew pew pew
Collection by: WOWA2322
лучшие одежды,оружие и т.д
My favorite stuff
Collection by: sealMassacre
MY favorite things
Pugs :3
Collection by: ★UP| Diamond Mods V2
Bunch of stuff.
the best tf2 workschop items
Collection by: '_flames_'
The best tf2 items of the workschop.
Team Fortress Stuff
Collection by: Chris/Freddy The Brue
I use this for stuff
Ol' Saint Nick's TF2 presents under the tree
Collection by: General Red Shitoru
HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! These are items I have found, made by people who worked really hard to make them, and I thought, why not put it in a bundle of holiday cheer.
Uncertain Essentials
Collection by: Colteh
some items mady by some people
Feam Torturess Stuffs
Collection by: 404 Error
All my good stuff from that game with the pootis guy
Medieval Collection
Collection by: BulkierSphinx12
Everything medieval in Team Fortress 2
Collection by: EliteSnajperPl
Collection by: [BPZ] Elmer
Zi Tf2 Vapons :D
Collection by: AleXDalex
More weapons, more power!!! :D
Collection by: henrythemedic8
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