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Halloween Nightmares 2014
Collection by E-Arkham
A series of spooky, ghastly, or ghostly items for Scream Fortress 2014. Be sure to favourite -- more items will be added as we get closer to Halloween!
Scrumpy Spaceman
Collection by Vulture
The Imminence
Collection by VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
El Muerte Borracho
Collection by SMasters
Halloween Stuff 2014
Collection by NeoDement
Scatterbrain Mundy
Collection by Ertz™
The Asphalt Tyrant
Collection by Ducksink
Wall Street Snob
Collection by Ertz™
Special thanks to Doctor Aibaleet for the names!
Enchantment extraordinaire
Collection by Bapaul
Full wizard costume for 2012 Halloween. Also part of the community event: Night of the Living Update
The Quick Draw Logistics
Collection by BANG!
Engineer Mini Dispenser + The Handy Partner PDA
The Dumpster Pack
Collection by Populus
The Dumpster pack for the soldier. Don't forget to comment, rate, favorite and post your stat ideas!
The Middleage Mutant Engie Turtle
Collection by Ryan
Engie Turtling... to the EXTREME!
Straight Outta Boston
Collection by Fido
The most gangster scout you'll ever see this side of tuefort. Cup #1 medals
Collection by nabique
The Antagonist
Collection by JPRAS
The classic gentleman villian set for Spy. Includes 4 items: The Deadly Rose (Revolver) Lord Stabington's Cane (Knife) Spydely Wiplash (Hat) Antagonist's Attire (Misc)
Spy Face Mask Collection
Collection by Fido
Two one of a kind face masks for your spy character; Perfect for any occasion!
Shortwave Sprinter
Collection by Hideous
Do your part for airwave pollution, and put on a few radios while you're out and about.
Bolshevik Bozo
Collection by Ryan
What's the matter kiddo, you're not afraid of clowns are ya?
Electric Hero Pack
Collection by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Inspired by Japanese super hero.
The Smashing Safari
Collection by Wowza
A safari themed set for the Sniper. Featuring: The Tasmanian Trailblazer v2 The Canberra Closeup SFM promos by DatDrunkenSoldier.
Ballistic Pyro Set
Collection by Insaneicide [LAPTOP]
A set by some peoples
Anonymous Attire
Collection by Merczy
A not so inconspicous outfit for Scout.
Hardworking Mann
Collection by donhonk
Leather jacket and a slick hair and beard for Engy!
Sky's Halloween Stockpile
Collection by Sky
Everything I've worked on for this years Halloween.
The Sound of Progress Pack
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Collection of items for Medic. <insert better description here>
Winterized Combat Garb
Collection by Fido
Es wurde gedacht, dass die Sowjetunion war eine hohle Schale, die leicht zusammenbrechen würde, wie Frankreich. Er hatte sich daher nicht auf einen langen Krieg vorbereitet, und nicht genügend Winterkleidung und Ausrüstung für seine Soldaten zu haben....
Populus' Workshop Collection
Collection by Populus
Workshop collection of items made by me!
Summer Stuff
Collection by NeoDement
Some things for the summer times. A hat, some waterballoons, and a water pistol.
Hats of the Past Era
Collection by Hawf
A collection of hats all made in roughly a months time based on various pieces of head gear between the 1930's to 1950's All of these hats have been compiled with LOD's and using the proper "Itemtest" Directories. Some include styles and some are painta...
Serious Sam 3 BFE Promo Items
Collection by Batandy
All my fan made promos for the game Serious Sam 3.
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