Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Gadget
Spy Ninja Assassin
Collection by: 👻 ReznorsRage 👻
Introducing The Spy's Ninja Assassin Pack. After many years of training in the Art of ninjitsu, the Spy's sensi gifted him a set of handcrafted tools, weapons and apparel as a way of saying "You have out grown my teachings, please don't kill me". Items i...
The Right Lung of Hell
Collection by: Spookzy
Rattle your heads! Rattling Respirator includes: -3 LODs! -Paintable Eyes! -Glowing Eyes! -Jigglebones! Chain of Command Includes: -2 LODs! -Paintablility
Electric Hero Pack
Collection by: [RMF]RIKUSYO
Inspired by Japanese super hero.
The Empty-head's Equipment
Collection by: ЅedimentarySpooks
A war themed set for Soldier.
The Demoman and the Sea
Collection by: MultiT-R.I.P.💃
Aye! It doesn't matter if ye be afraid of water or even if ye get seasick watchin' it on TV! Every landlubber will think ye be in the navy when ye don this nautical costume!
TF2 Halloween 2013: Rain*carnations
Collection by: Br▲ins
All Submissions for Halloween 2013 by Rain*
Counter Ops Package
Collection by: Donhonk vs. Jason
A Child's Plaything
Collection by: BOO!msta
You. Are. A. TOY!
The Sound of Progress Pack
Collection by: <<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba
Collection of items for Medic. <insert better description here>
Spy Face Mask Collection
Collection by: Spookwire◝('ω'◝ )
Two one of a kind face masks for your spy character; Perfect for any occasion!
ZombiePlasticClock's Arms Race Submissions
Collection by: ZombiePlasticClock
Arms Race is a contest where people make weapons for TF2. These are my submissions for the contest
Chernobog's Countenance
Collection by: RetroMike
"I'm coming for you!" Unleash your inner demon and send the other team screaming to a fiery oblivion.
The Militant Marauder
Collection by: Miley Pyrowerefox
A ww2 looter themed pyro set with equipment form several nationalities. Toasty Trenchcoat mod: Flare Warden mod:
Das Bavarian Jaeger
Collection by: Uncle Ghoul-skin
Become the best looking Medic in Rottenburg, with these fashion accessories.
Collection by: maniac™
This is two-item all class set: 1.Hat: 'Olympic Champion' 2.Melee: 'Olympic Torch' And yes, names are super original and unique :) collection's name.
The Civil War Veteran
Collection by: Gadget
A civil war item set for the soldier consisting of a hat and a sabre as a melee weapon as well as a misc item. I'm also working on a uniform which is not finished, yet.
Citizen Charlatan
Collection by: Eerie Sky
18th-19th century formal wear set for the spy. UPDATE 12/09/2013: Melee weapon (The Stylish Stiletto) added. Secondary Weapon will be added later.
Serious Sam 3 BFE Promo Items
Collection by: Boo-tandy
All my fan made promos for the game Serious Sam 3.
The Southern Scarecrow
Collection by: BOO!msta
A few scarecrow themed Halloween items.
Vampire Medic
Collection by: Mr. Big
The Vampire Medic Set for TF2 Halloween
Prized Possession Styles
Collection by: SgtR007
Two styles for the Prized Possession, for Halloween 2013: Micro-manager (Default) Backseat Driver (Alternative Style)
Tutankflammen's Wrath
Collection by: The Rare Spookquatic Pyro
Whoever posesses the phyroh’s treasure....Imbues their weapon with an ancient power. Tutankflammen's Wrath Pyro Set - Staff of Moray - Melee Weapon - Phyroh's Curse - Hat Set Bonus Melee crit kills turns enemies to gold. Melee weapon gets...
The Galaxy Destroyer
Collection by: Gadget
A set of space themed items for Demoman.
Stronghold Show-off
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
It's Medieval times, and you know what that means! Dysentery, small pox, and that wonderful thing they call 'the plague'. Not for you though, you're rich. That's why you're wearing that gold trim on your tunic. Go you.
Scatterbrain Mundy
Collection by: Ertz™
The Stuttgart Strongman
Collection by: MultiT-R.I.P.💃
Circus freaks don't have a medical licence either.
The Rooster
Collection by: BOO!msta
Dr. Spaceman
Collection by: Uncle Ghoul-skin
Protect yourself from space with these Medic items!
The Zero-G Sniper
Collection by: E-Arkham
The Zero-G Sniper's Set
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