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The Sound of Progress Pack
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba
Collection of items for Medic. <insert better description here>
The Great White Northerners
Collection by: Hawf
Canada, the marvel that is universal healthcare & beer, a fine country to behold. but you'll need something to keep your head warm, for Canada is far too cold!
The Caustic Candyman
Collection by: TidMistletoe
Nothing's stranger than a strange stranger handing out strange candy. It's probably okay, though! Normal candy rots your teeth, but I'm sure this caustic candy will only destroy everything in your mouth! Same thing, though, right? A set for the Pyro in...
The Cordial Citizen's Cultivated Costume
Collection by: A trained chimpanzee
Three-piece Medic set done by me and also the socks were textured and made pretty and stuff by good item maker and all around cool guy Constructor. Go vote for the items or something I guess.
Festive Fool v2
Collection by: RetroMike
Bring a little holiday cheer and unspeakable pain to the other team with this festive collection!
Aerial Arsonist
Collection by: NeoDechristmastree
More pilot themed stuff for the Pyro!
JZ's collection for gold star'd items
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba
Just a collection to have the gold star'd items I've worked on together.
Mafia's Marksmann
Collection by: Corvalho
A mafia themed set of items for the sniper
Fortunate Son
Collection by: Get ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
War never ends
Boston Boy
Collection by: Sky
Jane Doe: Grave Robber
Collection by: Will T.TVR
After the zombie uprising at Coaltown last year, Soldier was more than a little shaken and is understandably not keen on repeating the experience. As such, he has taken the preemptive measure this year of digging up all of the corpses before they become z...
Sir Killer
Collection by: SkyRame
Minigun pou le heavy menacant.
The New Recruit
Collection by: DrSlowking
Some medieval armor for the Scout. There's 4 items in this set and I know you can only equip 3 cosmetics at a time. The reason I did this is to give people more choice... or say if Valve doesn't like one of the items, that gives them a choice aswell. ...
Collection by: Estavos #Workshop
Okay, sorry. Graffity isn't vandalism! It is an ART!
The Empty-head's Equipment
Collection by: SedimentaryStockings
A war themed set for Soldier.
The Rum Runner
Collection by: Jerry Seinfeld
It's important to look your best when you're running booze across the border, dodging cops, dodging bullets shot at you by cops, and dodging the friends of the cops you just shot. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. A couple of gangster-themed items ...
Gundalf the Red/Blu
Collection by: SedimentaryStockings
You're a wizard.
Collection by: maniac™
This is two-item all class set: 1.Hat: 'Olympic Champion' 2.Melee: 'Olympic Torch' And yes, names are super original and unique :) collection's name.
Tomb Raider Winter Gear
Collection by: Sparkwire ◝('ω'◝ ) ゆこ
Engi's parka for the Tomb Raider contest.
Steam Rat
Collection by: GoLDeN
Admirer of previous technologies
Vote Pyro for Mayor
Collection by: Svdl
He's such a gentleman.
The Crocodile Hunter
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
Become the ultimate killing machine.
Collection by: Svdl
Dress up like someone with strong opinions about things.
The Knife of the Prom
Collection by: ❄ Bapaul ❄
Heavy Commander
Collection by: Svdl
Congratulations, you are now the new commander of an entire division of fat men.
Haunted Executioner
Collection by: SNIPA
The Heavynaut
Collection by: Youngdrozd
1) Laser minigun (Armstrong) 2) Hat of the astronaut 3) Liquid sandwich 4) Lunar flag
The Blast Protection
Collection by: K_Factor
Why wear partial blast protection when you can wear it all!? Created by K_Factor, Neodement, Bloodfart, Nassimo, and Psyke.
New England Ninja
Collection by: Svdl
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Badge Boys
Collection by: NeoDechristmastree
The first ever dual-class item set*! Ooh! Aah! Based on Demoman and Soldier's youth spent together in Police Academy. *That I know of
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