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spy hat
Collection by: TheCrazyCraft[Youtuber]
böyle hat olsun
Sniper stuff
Collection by: Meepingkittehz
Stuff for sniper
items fodasticos
Collection by: /|K.v.K|\ShadowKnight
armas e miscs super fodas e impressionantes
Things i like so much
Collection by: dmv2001
I don,t whant you to look at my collection if you do go back trolls.
TF2 Costumes, Mods, and
Collection by: Hydra King
Christman of Die
Collection by: LBK Lawnbreaker[]
sniper pack 1hat chistman of die 2 weapon Hard man
theretailer collection's
Collection by: [BGS] theretailer
TF2 Halloween Fall 2013 the manns family
Collection by: LBK Lawnbreaker[]
The pack item heavy soldier pyro medic sniper demoman hat scary family halloween special new item for see and share
Should this be End Of The Line?
Collection by: Eyegoblin8
I think these weapons/hats/miscs should be added in the End Of The Line update. And what should be added please let me know what you think. NOTE: I do NOT own these creations all credit goes to the original creators.
team fortress 2 stuff
Collection by: nygamepro
Communist's maps
Collection by: [TS]Communist
It's some of my maps...
Boy's Ball Cap (style2)
Collection by: johnnykrajcovic
KingK´s awesome TF2 STUFF
Collection by: KingKeyboard
At first i tried to find two for every class , but then i decided that it be better to choose only those that are cool and badass (in my opinion). I tried to find items that look good with one another. Hope you like the collection.
All The Badges In Real Life
Collection by: biglemon29
People have loved all the badge mechandice I made so here is a collection of all them
Dat P*kemon Joke
Collection by: Strangething [RPGnet]
Two different creators, same weird 4-chan meme.
Jojo's Bizarre Accessories
Collection by: /FSnC\ Dr. Dicking
Items that are Jojo's related.
the chop offcer
Collection by: dr.fez
a new promo item please vote
Sahm Doad's Best Bets (Halloween 2014)
Collection by: Sahm Doad
List of items I think will be accepted by valve for TF2. Not all the items I want but some of them. Gonna check after the update to see what made it and what wasn't there that did.
Agent Assassin
Collection by: SniperSkull
Eliminate all resistance. Do whatever you must.
bird items/tf2
Collection by: sitting duck
bird items for tf2 duh
Team Fortress 2 Collection Mods
Collection by: Sir os123rb
Team Fortress 2 mods...
Collection by: hso10
Engineer's Superhero form
the best of the best
Collection by: [§] ๖ۣۜDeath ☠
the items that valve should add the most
Wimsical Workshop Wonders
Collection by: CM Chazzy ツ #TSM
These are all of the things that Valve SHOULD add to their game.
Collection by: nikohyjf
In Space No One Can Hear You Call For A Medic
Collection by: Logangreenjeans
Nothing Here Is Mine.I Have Just Made A Collection For All Of These Space themed Itemes Thank You To All The Beatiful People That Made All Of These Beatiful Items. And Without Further Ado. WELCOME TO SPACE!
Favorite TF2 sTUFF
Collection by: Cpt. Hazama
Just tf2 stuff i thought was cool.
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Nayn[PL]
Tu są przedmioty z Team Fortress 2
TF2 Stuff
Collection by: [wG] The Stig Wannabe
The Biohazard Bundle
Collection by: [LP] Pineapple
These are items i saw that went together.
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