Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Nikita (RUS) kornilov
power kick
Collection by: KFC
it has a hose and a filter to carry the water it has unlimited ammo but long time to recharge the water. the filter is orange and the hose is black it makes jet like nosies. it can push back enemy away from you . it has 100% penatly damage , adds 25 + hea...
Revenge of the Jardinator
Collection by: Sharp Eye Snipe
Collection by: Wombat the king
carpentry spy
WorkForce 360
Collection by: General Schwarzkopf(Daft Punk)
It can destroy anything.
XR71 Shoulder Cannons
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
Just 2 cannons on your shoulder c:
Collection by: ExtazyEffect
Collection by: iMaxter
alien attack!
A Pyro Csávóóóóó xD :)
Collection by: Angel <3
A mumbling, besuited psychopath of indeterminate origin, the Pyro has a burning fondness for fire and all things fire-related. The pyro is followed by the common myth that it is female, but Valve has yet to confirm this. Wielding a home-made flamethrower,...
A collection full of collections (still credit)
Collection by: Jack Slendyington
credit still,as the title says,its a collection full of collections
caileans world
Collection by: Mr.bear
my collection will be filled with bows knifes and lots of waky things to give you an insite of my world.
Collection by: Чайханщик
scream slugger
Collection by: Ima Boss bro
the scouts baseball bat as scream
набор эксперта
Collection by: Карабулат
отличный набор
zap zap
Collection by: zachary walker
it zaps to the map red tame
The Drunkman's alcohol
Collection by: ♥Princess Dark Dash♥
i've been drunk before, i've had the idea for this
Collection by: Hardcore
Collection by: Fudge ;_; Predator
my collection will give a wide variety of awesome weapon technology and packed with all sorts of head gear for all!!
Collection by: DL
My works
Collection by: RayJelly
ghost dorito
Collection by: VO
Collection by: Dmitriy.D
Aesome things
The TNT Demolition Company
Collection by: Suflum Plumbus
There's a new Company that know the kind of Weapons and Itens do you want, we care your necessity of kill your enemies most dangerous. Combat your friends with a new league of Weapons built and designed by me. Here's a place where the only limit is our im...
Cap Company
Collection by: Suflum Plumbus
There's a company that care about with your necessity of have good hats and caps to kill everyone with style! We are creating some Caps to use in your compats, these caps will have specials and wonderful dimensions that will help you in the combat, how p...
Funky Punch
Collection by: Sir Ross
This is my first collection of a soon to be seires the Funky Bunch.
Collection by: Telejka
Ognio łamacz
Collection by: grzechucz03
Ognio łamacz to jest broć na wszytjich
Collection by: Monopoly
that's a ninja costume for the spy. the people love them
The Blood Thirsty Uber Bone Scraper
Collection by: Reaperz
You Should Be Careful With This Weopen. You Use This To Srape All Of The MEAT Off The Bones. It Cuts Through Pixels Like Butter.
war paint
Collection by: Hinex
Masking 95% =)
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