Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Exosphere Engineer
Collection by Svdl
High above and beyond.
Team Fortress 2 Collection
Collection by _XxLoganFischerxX_
Put Team Fortress 2 Stuff (Costumes, Weapons, and Headgear) In Here!
So 3D
Collection by MelonDodgeGamer™
This will change the game mode your in and will let you have a possibility of making you faster!
tf2 weapons and armour
Collection by [FEDS] halomaster
Collection by protoMiguel
Colección definitiva para Team Fortress 2.
xolesccion de tinfortress 2
Collection by lucas barrionuevo
Teddy Tinder
Collection by Ryan
Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Get ready To party, cuz' T̵͚̙͈̺͈͖e͙͡d̢̥̘̹̰̲̥̣d̤y̵̹͈̼̼͓̪ͅ ҉̻̱͙̻̗̩i̝͖̣̙̞̟s͠ ̹H͈̫E̩͞R̭E̠̱̯̱̩
TF2 Comunity iteams 1
Collection by tyfist23
Collection by DevastaCZ
the skull kill
Collection by AloneCurve
My favourite skins and orther
Collection by _|_DarkSniper_|_
Items Team Fortess 2
Collection by ||GGWP/xANxManuKiller||
Collection by wldnjs5205
Collection by Tony the Dalmation
Collection by King ¢σηgα | ayw5582
this is for tf2
Inhuman amorous
Collection by 2-VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
items for Halloween 2014
The Biohazard Warning
Collection by Jukebox
My Friend's Workshop Scares!!!
Collection by QuestionablyInsane
This is a collection of my favorite Halloween items my friends on the workshop have made. Be warned: These items are not for the weak of heart or the those with a full bladder!
Sahm Doad's Best Bets (Halloween 2014)
Collection by forxredr
List of items I think will be accepted by valve for TF2. Not all the items I want but some of them. Gonna check after the update to see what made it and what wasn't there that did.
ultra men
Collection by ca.eduardo
ela e um siniper que pega fogo quando da kill e da minicriti
The Minsk Beast
Collection by Tuna Melt
Solving Labyrinth's only takes a minotaur two.
Collection by DeLL
The best workshop items
Collection by insanegameing99
Tf2 items that are reasonable AND have a chance
Collection by [FIW]Crazy Agile
This Collection is any item (in my opinion) fit under items with A chance to be added to tf2. items that have tf2-like textures, quality, seem like something that the class(es) might use. Also just have to be good in general. If your item isnt under this ...
Collection by ogre
Collection by λle_19[Master Of Darkness]
TF2 shit
Collection by Commander Shepard
Collection by ghost47007
my stuff
Collection by I$$E
Team Fortress 2 stuff
Collection by ▬■╙agger◙╢
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