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maxiloom weapon
Collection by: [Cycnos] Maxiloom
Collection by: Sniper-Fi
Spy's land of dream
Collection by: Mr. Spaceman
This epic shtufff isnt just your normal day shtufff its m&s SHTUFF. troll!
Collection by: TheRedEye
Team Fortress 2 Workshop Weapons that should be accepted.
Collection by: First Ever White President
The very best weapons! Put them in the game Valve!
The Track Master
Collection by: Medkit
he is looks realy cool
team fortress 2
Collection by: ShadowXVI
龙炮 dragon gun
Collection by: y b a dog?dont be ahotdog.
彈藥上膛數1发AmmoLoaded=1, [每顆子彈傷害為112,共 1 顆113 damage × 1 pellets], 彈藥攜帶數20发AmmoCarried=20,傷害值基本:112Base:112,爆擊:338Crit:338,承受火焰爆炸子弹伤害增加百分之15 Raises fire explo...
Collection by: badwithnames
The manliest facial hair around.
Saint Nick's Wee helper
Collection by: Mr.Gibbly 💔 🔫
Unlike other fur rimmed jackets and mediocre hats, This outfit (consisting of abomidable Snowmann fur) was designed specifically to keep Drunken black Scottish Elves as warm as the furnace room where saint nick forces innocent children too remain all d...
World War One Loadouts
Collection by: [Poke☆] Tommy
I just wanted to make a collection for World War one items and all late 19th century and early 20th century in general. Tell me if these are themed
Collection by: Geotenox
1128's Collection
Collection by: Srv
This is my list of liked creations from the community. I found all of these design ideas to be impressive, creative, and worth buying. If Steam were to accept these items, I will sure as heck would buy them.
AymericTheNightmare's Team Fortress 2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's Team Fortress 2 Favorite Stuff
the best tf2 workschop items
Collection by: ★'flames'★
The best tf2 items of the workschop.
Food Related Items
Collection by: BatterBlitz
It's all in the name...
Collection by: fmelott
Workshop Taunts
Collection by: Hella Stanky Meatloaf
In this collection, you can find different taunts that were fan-created for Team Fortress 2. Hopefully, some of these taunts get accepted into the game.
My Collections
Collection by: ☣Doctor Who☣
Just some Collections i loved should be in the Games~
Heavy Monk Style
Collection by: rebellion
Guitarra flameante
Collection by: 420SmokePyro
Cuando un enemigo esta envuelto en flamas y es golpeado por esta arma hay un %100 de probabilidades de muerte ...
Winter Warmth
Collection by: ♥ Princess Urk ♥
A Smissmas set for the pyro.
So 3D
Collection by: MelonDodgeGamer™
This will change the game mode your in and will let you have a possibility of making you faster!
Collection by: AMERICAN
American Stuff...
NEW dueling game from items!!!!
Collection by: RaptorStrike
This easy. normal dueling game just you can add items. press "here to see your inventory" and choose what you want to add and after press V and after game start if you agree with opponent offer. if people don't want play from items leave empty ( press her...
Halloween 2013 Submitions
Collection by: ЧАЦБАРТОН (Hacbarton)
Jason's Favorite Scout Titles
Collection by: I'm_Awesome_Jason
My Favorite Items For My Favorite Class
Soldier collection
Collection by: Somekid214
Soldier Weapons and headgear
Spider Glove
Collection by: All Glory To The Hypnotoad!
Triple jump Can Stick to walls Can't hit with melee weapon On kill get +20 health
My Collection
Collection by: I LOVE NIPPLES [IHE]
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