Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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The Psychotic Steelworker
Collection by: Miles Pyrower
A 6 piece construction themed set for pyro.
The Quick Draw Logistics
Collection by: BANG!
Engineer Mini Dispenser + The Handy Partner PDA
The Sauced Shadow-Man
Collection by: Psyke
Everythin' ya need to start a magic business up in New-Orleans!
Arms Race Collection
Collection by: VernoGuy
Arms Race is a fan mod competition focused on weapons. This collection contains all the entries of this contest that are currently on the Workshop. Make sure to upvote all your favorite entries on the workshop and to decide the winner of the contest, vote...
Collection by: Rotzlöffel
Don't be unkindly to a monster! It might protect you from evil monsters!
Ishikawa Goemon
Collection by: AyesDyef
A set based on the legendary thief, Ishikawa Goemon, overall sneaky person, unfortunately failed an assassination, and was publically executed by being cooked alive. Fitting for the Spy himself.
Intergalactic Doctorate Kit
Collection by: Konstruktor
Mechanic Mayham
Collection by: -ßЯҢ- Cheeseburger Larry
Even though he enjoys his work as a mercenary, the Engineer has always yearned for the good old days in his shop. After going back to his garage to find some parts, he decided that he should bring his old passion back to show everyone.
Iron Gunslinger
Collection by: Svdl
Either a folk hero or a bloodthirsty murderer. Maybe a little bit of both. A cosmetic set for an Australian.
Mobile Sentry Gun pack
Collection by: Linko
To unlock the Mobile Sentry you'll need a special wrench: the burner. //DANGeR21 gave me the authorisation to create this pack with his wrench. Stats ideas: The Burner: +unlock the mobile sentry +50 % repair hit frequence +10 % repair speed (t...
World War Soldier's Gear
Collection by: Sexy Robot
Ze bear project
Collection by: R▲in
- No information at this moment.
Die Verschneite Kleidung
Collection by: boomsta
Some stuff for the medic and an all class hat
The Musketeer's Equipment
Collection by: Fettgondel
This collection is a Musketeer themed set for the demo, but it could fit in with the soldier, too (excepted the musket).
The War Doctor
Collection by: Konstruktor
The Speedloader Pack
Collection by: ZombiePlasticClock
The Top-Break Terrorizer, and the Speedster's Six-Shooter. These two revolvers make up for a deadly new item combo for Scout.
Mecha Mann
Collection by: GetGrenade
Sometimes you must fight fire with fire.
Collection by: Dewzie
Yo Doe!
The Death Dealer
Collection by: RetroMike
Why should the Heavy get to have all the fun gambling at the Inventory?! With this set the Scout can have a night of high stakes gambling too! Those concealable weapons sure will come in handy if the game goes sour. NOTE: For people unfamiliar with ho...
The G-Mann
Collection by: Svdl
This information is classified.
Heavy Assault
Collection by: Svdl
A serious man needs serious equipment.
The Bushman Bandit
Collection by: Ertz™
Let Your Enemies Know To Get The Hell Outta Dodge, with this spaghetti-western ensemble. Some items that work together . Proposed Set Bonus: +Special Musical Cue When Respawning, -Tumbleweeds Follow
The Sengoku Stuff
Collection by: Pie_Savvy
It comes from the land of the burning sun to ravage the lands with hell fire. Well all honesty, I'd be more worried about someone from a land of the frozen sun or no sun at all. I mean the sun is always burning.
The "Observer" Spy Set
Collection by: Astute
Welcome to the collection page for the "Observer" Spy set. This is the first set of items I've done, and I'm using the new collection and discussion features to reveal my set. The set will be revealed gradually over the course of 5 days. Check back later ...
The Scorching Spook
Collection by: Sexy Robot
A collection of the halloween based item set for Pyro, "The Scorching Spook".
The Polar Opposite
Collection by: Declan
Sometimes, you just have to approach things from the other direction. Weapon mods are now available for download! Snowstorm: Figure-8
Juggernaut Set
Collection by: Doctor Aibaleet
Juggernaut Set for the Heavy, concept by CoBalt and all the other stuff by Doctor Aibaleet.
Arsonist's Arsenal
Collection by: Sky
Bandana with matches and molotov cocktail items for the pyro. Concept by Square, Model and Texture by Sjy.
The Lord Of The Rats
Collection by: Ducksink
the hobo life is not an easy life
The Blast-proof Bombsuit
Collection by: MultiTrip
A bombsuit for special bomboccasions.
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