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Inoffical Street Slicker Update
Collection by: Zero EotL Hype
What have Hipsters, Gangster and fancy dressed Office Worker in common? Easy, they are always found on our Streets, roaming around with nothing and yet everything on there minds. Sitting with nothing to do in Coffee Shops, in Parks, everywhere in the ci...
Cool Halloween Items 2014
Collection by: BL | Socite [PS]
All the 2014 Halloween items I think look cool.
Space Engineer
Collection by: mrrdalg
the best space engie possible... Hopefully.
Sniper's weapons
Collection by: Zino
Snipers only
That's So Brilliant
Collection by: Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
Collection by: GasMask
christian brutal sniper
Collection by: ={G.T.S.}=Creepis11
weapons: 1.huntsman 2.razorback 3.tribalman's shiv damage huntsman: 150 tribalman's shiv: 200 health 234,500
the captian big man
Collection by: dr.fez
heavy is captian
La coleccion del año
Collection by: $MasterBenjaPar$
Engineer Favorites
Collection by: =(e)= ü ʙ є я ☆ м ᴀ и
Just some of my favorite Engineer items I have spotted on the TF2 Steam Workshop.
Bugfixes and Improvements
Collection by: piemanmoo
No new items, but simply some improvements and changes to items already in the game.
Scout goodies pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pack of my favorite scout weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to scout
Skullgirls TF2
Collection by: Hazama
These are the hats for Skullgirls in TF2. Please vote them so that they can be in the game.
(Subject-Name-Here)'s tf2 items
Collection by: (Subject-Name-Here)
This is where I am going to hoard/organise all my TF2 workshop items so they can all be found easily.
Well Nice sniper Guns and Stuff ......MATE!!!!
Collection by: emilthehunter
Well this are guns and stuff that i found in The work shop for The great SNIPER ....Hell yea... If you wanna have a Kill Job For Tf2 and get for it free items than Join The T.P.C. and read the ruels
festive wishlist
Collection by: Kai(zr64)
i hope they add a festive construction PDA, a festive chargin targe, and these items
team 4 fortress
Collection by: FuziLeiRoO [BTU] ︻芫━━━━ - ★
team 4 fortress
The Pimp-gineer
Collection by: ♚CG♚ S3pirion
Son, When your a rich mother hubbard like me, Youll want to wear your wealth too. -The Pimp-gineer Pack -The Pimp-gineer -The Pocket of Gold -The Prize Jewels -The Pimp-man's Cane (coming soon)! -S3pirion -Models -Textures
Mortal Kombonk
Collection by: ZombiePlasticClock
A potential promo set for Scout based on Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. The set by default uses Scorpion's colors, but with paint one could be any of the palette-swap ninja characters. Or crappy OC's, even! The Kombatant: Face misc. that whites out th...
Kaiju Blues
Collection by: PartlySmith
Oh no, there goes Tokyo!
A Distinctive Lack of Ocular Pain
Collection by: Vap
Something to do with eyewear! I might add some more as I still have a few ideas.
TF2 colection
Collection by: Armaldo
Natali's Colly <3
Collection by: Dean
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by: Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
2013 Christmas Ball
Collection by: NiK
Finally a nice enough Top Hat to go with the Tuxxy for Christmas ball and party! Don't have to wear a broken Gibus with the top opened or nearly detached :D Please vote for FiveEyes' "The Most Wonderful Hat of the Year" to make it happen~~!!
team fortress крут
Collection by: ЮНЫЙ BRONY
я просто хочу чтобы моя колекция быля интересной,чтобы все мне говорили :СПАСИБО !
TF2 Weps
Collection by: Joy seeker
Jake's Magic Items
Collection by: Eral Jub
I Like Thease items
Collection by: INSANESCOTT the Panbringer
TF2 Collection By CBS Cares
Collection by: Browy @Sicklad
An awesome collection by CBS cares that has only the best TF2 items!!! now with halloween items! rated 15+ years! haha :P
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