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Spy and Sniper Collection
Collection by: ◄VG► Asian_Santa_Claus™
Spy and Sniper items Valve should consider making (and they should).
The Secret League of Five Stars
Collection by: henaro
The Cracking Christmas Collection!
Collection by: A Moron with no Friends
Hello! Welcome to the most Cracker-Cracklingly-Cantankerous Christmas Collection of 2012! Here I will find THE best Christmas items for this years Christmas. Don't forget to go to the pages of the wonderful item creators and give them a like! Please tell ...
TF2 Ion Industries Corporation Colection
Collection by: Flynn
TF Modings colections by Wizzergod;Flynn or Dreeder
TF2 Collection
Collection by: Ray O.Z.I
Halloween cosmetics valve needs to add for 2015
Collection by: marok
Amazing halloween items that need to be added for the scream fortress update in 2015. I tried to add items that fit halloween really well and also tried to not add items of a set if one of the items got into the game, i would like to increase the number o...
The Desert Detour
Collection by: St. Jimmy
When The Sniper lived withan aboriginal tribe in The Outback they taught him many things. Number one: never miss. Number two: watch out for spies, and number three: how to make a boomerang. - equipped as a melee weapon - -20% damage penalty - alt-fir...
MrBernies collection
Collection by: KingofKookies
Mah collection
Collection by: NEONmarshmallow
Robotic Boogaloo 2.0
Collection by: Dr. Trooper
This collection consists of really cool robotized items that i'd like to see in the game. Non of these items were created by me. I will keep the collection updated for as long as the community keeps making robo items.
Team Fortress 2 Collection
Collection by: Rolandas [LTU]
The Barbershop Scout's
Collection by: MediExcalibur2012 #Saxxy2015
LIVE! All the way from 2fort with their No.1 hit song 'Need a Dispenser Here!' are the Barbershop Scout's. Famous for their singing talents and their irresistible good looks, they have made crowds scream, made the Spies shudder and Engineers all over th...
Fluttershy sword
Collection by: |FB|Foxy Ye Pirate
Fluttershy with a sword is a sword you can find that has her cutiemark here face and it does alot of damage! cratable
The raincover for scout =D
Collection by: ABoilingCorn
This is a hat for scout to run under the rain.This product is made by plastic =D Wish u all will like it .
Strange Taunt: The High Five!
Collection by: Tracy Burton
Strange version of "Taunt: The High Five!"
Deaths cutter
Collection by: Kenny
Watch out, this weapon will scare the crap outta you. It might be best if you just run from all the pyros onthe planet.
Comforting Companion
Collection by: Voodoo
Comforting Companion: 3 Styles Sometimes battle away from home can be rough, Always good to have your pillow and teddy to ease the pain. ========= 3 Styles: Comforting Companion: Red has plain pillowcase, Blu has stripes. Opposite: Blu ...
Space items yo
Collection by: A_Guardian : Road Warrior
Some space items I made for pyro.
great pryo stuff
Collection by: Dr Hismario123
this stuff is cool
Pixel's - Valve Should Add This List
Collection by: lipsBiceps (Happy Holidays)
Just some of the items on TF2's Steam Workshop that I think should be added to the game
The Sniper Pack
Collection by: Jezza54645
Snipers classic Beef
Collection by: CM Punk
Allerlei und keinerlei sachen für den Sniper
Collection by: ScoutOfChristmas
my collecton
Collection by: Mayhem the shark
all my stuff
The Mercs Essentials
Collection by: (L.I.)
Just my collection of items that would be a nice addition to be added in the game. Mostly misc items such as clothing and oddball accessories. Rarely if no hats.
Medic Wishlist
Collection by: Arr!
Medic items I wish Valve approved for TF2.
Tf2 Wepons and Cosmetics that SHOULD Be in the Game...
Collection by: Phantom-Rezister
This is a collection of what i personally think they should add in the game, They will mostly be weps for now and a few Cosmetics cus MAN they have to many hats... >.>
Spy Items
Collection by: NotSnipR
Alle items van Spy
the captian big man
Collection by: dr.fez
heavy is captian
Some items you have to see!
Collection by: • La Buche de Noël •
This is a collection of items made by the greatest contributors of the workshop; some of these items aren't really notticed, like the teufort threads or the light combat vest, but you, who are reading this, can change that, and give them a chance to be a...
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