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Steam Pack
Collection by cppro10
The best weapons on steam are put in this great collection of sucessful creations.
Sketchy Beverages Grenade Replacement Set
Collection by heinous
Summer themed beverages replacement for classes with grenades, all Gold Star certified compatible, all 256x256 textures, all 2 LOD's, all have a normal map effect.
The Burns and the Bees
Collection by PartlySmith
Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!
Terrible Turret
Collection by Evelynne Montcroix
"Try and get near that baby, your funeral" Well, i thought that sense every one else is doing Portal 2 stuff, why not me? its like a regular TF2 turret, but looks like a Portal 2 turret It has a little more HP than a regular TF2 turret It cant be zapp...
the golden hammer
Collection by ReuZ
it is a gold hammer and those who are smitten with it becomes golden and died
Festive Bandolier
Collection by Gangstahwezel TF:GO
The Festive Bandolier, Soldier and Pyro version. What better way to celebrate the holidays then to wear some weird fluffy bandolier... That doesn't even have bullets! It does have grenades though. (grenades not included) Made by: Gangstahwezel Con...
Engineer Essentials
Collection by i am buying weapon cases
This is just a little stuff for engineer that i've made. :D
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Collection by Lowly
1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 11 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, 2 by which also you are saved, if you hold fast that word which I preached to you—unless you believe...
assassins creed
Collection by Hanz Gruber: The Sexy German
muito gira/ very cool
Collection by NoobExtrminator
its a full suit costume for the spy. it looks like the preditor from AVP letting you still go invisible and now with the added heat vision ever more fun to play as the spy pick up on enemy footsteps through one of the many visions that are changable. now ...
Jamaican Hat
Collection by offline
It is a reggae cap it was designed to be a lot of fans of this song so why not be able to use it as a great game huh?
Retro's Little Workshop of Horrors!
Collection by Retro~
A retrospective collection of spooky items I've collaborated on for this year's Scream Fortress event, alongside some favorites from years past! ˙ ͜>˙
Idea For Use For The Guard Dog
Collection by Jaggsaw
Okay, so ill start out by saying i KNOW THIS IS NOT A PICTURE I MADE, IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE GUARD DOG CLASS, whose name i don't remember, anyways i decided to use he's picture of the guard dog, and i hope he can forgive me/excuse me fo...
Collection by are you ready for not freddy
Things I think just look really cool!
Collection by D A N N Y
Great ideas for items and configs that can go well together. I normally go with the pyro on defense. Even though he is made for offense, he goes well both ways and is very practical.
Collection by Shockpulse
Lab Zero needs our help, and I for one will give it to them if my name isn't Shockpulse!
The Moustache Hat Styles
Collection by Lowly
The moustache hat styles for painting Style 1 - paint on moustache only Style 2 - paint on hat only
Easter Bunny Pyro
Collection by Colossal
The two easter bunny items for Pyro! Lagomorphic Listeners as a hat, Extraordinary Easter Eggs as a misc.
Mexican's Mexican Collection
Collection by zach L
A collection by Mexican of things that are Mexican
Medieval timez
Collection by FranckyFox2468
I think that medieval mode is a really fun but underrated game mode, and this is a collection of few items that could work with it
Team Fortress 2 Classic Maps
Collection by Cherry
A collection for the ported TF2 maps that are officially added to the community mod Team Fortress 2 Classic. For more information on Team Fortress 2 Classic, check out these places: *Website: *Steam group: http://steamcommunity...
Meta's Collection of Pyro Gear.
Collection by Metaru
Nothing Fancy, stuff i'd particulary want to see in game for the class i play the most.
High Quality TF2 Maps
Collection by Snowshoe
Some of the best TF2 maps I've played, with good gameplay, good visuals, and all around fun.
Goal Collection
Collection by BOT Gary Busey
The best for all classes!
engie's building bundle
Collection by -W3E- Creepis11
in this collection it has: engineer buildings and pdas; stuff that the engie dosen't have alot of(or any)
✮ Heroic Cosmetics ✮
Collection by ✪ starkƪng098
A collection that revolves around classic-futuristic cosmetics that can depict a comical or heroic theme
The Rebel's Rags
Collection by Smooth
A criminal themed set for the soldier. Light 'em up!
Domesticated Racing Heavy
Collection by [KDX]valhallarizen
In the Mercenary Underground Racing League, heavy racing is a top sport. Medics pride themselves on training heavies that can get the most kills in the shortest time.
Men of the sea
Collection by вιgвangreχ
As a person we gaze for adventure and the sea is a wonderfull land with new things around the corner. Well mostly its just water, man eating sharks and storms. But I can tell you its a epic adventure I was also a pierate but I got shot by a cannon which b...
TF2 Weapons
Collection by Tuber
This is going to be my first collection.
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