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Strange Part: Buildings Upgraded
Collection by Analog64
This Strange Parts` counter goes up whenever you upgrade your own buildings or a fellow engineers` buildings. This may also promote more teamwork among engies if they want their Strange part counter to go up quickly by helping other engineers build their ...
epic times
Collection by i love crunchy
this collection is the best for you because it has a wild vairaty of weapons for TF2 and there might be a new collection in 2013.
Team Fortress 2
Collection by SCROOGERELLO
the manta
Collection by dr.fez
a new promo item for fry cry 4
Spacetraveler's Spacecap
Collection by Milk O'War
Spacetraveler's Spacecap
Batman Arkham
Collection by Linc
This is a collection gathering all items that are inspired by ore resemble Batman Arkham villains
The Tailoring Triggerman
Collection by darkychao the Dusty
If you want a suit made right, you do it yourself.
The Snow-Mann's Beard
Collection by +HyperVolt+
Base on the soldier from the comic: "A cold day in hell" Paintable, 3 LODs, Flexable. Style 1: The Leaking Nose + The Snow-Mann's Beard. Style 2: The Leaking Nose. Style 3: The Snow-Mann's Beard.
Strange Frying Pan!
Collection by Pan
Building a Sentry!
Collection by awesome king
Building a Sentry!
Crazy vehicles concepts for Team Fortress 2
Collection by Linko
This group regroups crazy and hilarious vehicles for Team Fortress 2. Have watching them!
Collection by evanfleuren1
This collection makes your sneaky self look rich, yet very suspicious. While you walk around with a kitchen knife in your pocket, iPhone (iRinger) out, fancy hat on, trench coat around your shoulders, and silenced pistol in your right hand. People won't t...
The Bitter Pill-box
Collection by zach
Collection by PyroGreg
swamp_killers guns
Collection by swamp_killer
The Epic Collectiction of Epic Items (Soldier)[update 1]
Collection by Miker the Epic
Epic items that should be in the game.(My Opinion)
Collection by Kinoshnik
every where is good
Tardy Boy Set
Collection by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Collection by Zolcsak
Like A Boss
Pyro's Summer Vacation
Collection by Snood
It's all fun and games for the Pyro this Summer.
Battered Up Styles
Collection by Mickyan
Battered Up Styles
Mes Animaux TF2 !
Collection by iGreek
Ici sont répertoriés tous les animaux de tf2, mes préférés, que j'aimerai bien voir dans le jeu ! I have grouped the animals I'd like to see on tf2.
Things for Heavy
Collection by King Shrek | AGC
In my opinion there are not enough items for the Heavy, so i made this collection. You can vote and hopefully they will be added by VALVe to the Game. These things are included in this collection: Weapons , Hats and Miscs.
Sniper goodies pack
Collection by Chris
This is a pack of my favorite sniper weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to sniper
Workshop Best Of: Scout
Collection by BLINK
My personal collection of what I believe to be the best TF2 Scout items the Workshop has to offer.
TF2 Space Collection
Collection by tdawgthefirst
A collection of all items made related to space,mostly related to or inspired by the concept art for the moonbase update in team fortress 2.
Best 119 TF2 Workshop Item Submissions that must be added to game
Collection by [TR]S.P.Y.™
Best items in the Steam Workshop that must be added to tf2.
3 Below
Collection by Voodoo
3 Below: 3 styles 3 Below refers to the temperature or the bodycount (Sniper saves shells of victims in his hat). 3 Styles: 3 Below: has earflaps down. Cold Killer: Has flaps down and icycles Heatwave: Earflaps up. Team Colors, Pa...
Defender of the Motherland
Collection by Total Perspective Vortex
2 items 1 Weapon and 1 hat
Collection by Rob
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