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The War Doctor
Collection by: Chandler
Native of Barrow
Collection by: Bapaul
A well travelled hunter adapts. Going in the cold forces you to dress up like an awesome Inuit Hunter
NapyDaWise Winter Collection
Collection by: Napy Da Wise
A collection of wintery items made by me, or stuff that i helped to do.
The Heavynaut
Collection by: Youngdrozd
1) Laser minigun (Armstrong) 2) Hat of the astronaut 3) Liquid sandwich 4) Lunar flag
The Professional
Collection by: Colteh
very original name
Werewolf in Paris
Collection by: Ryan
Mortician's Accessories
Collection by: DeRosaJ
Funerary things!
Tutankflammen's Wrath
Collection by: The Rare Aquatic Pyro
Whoever posesses the phyroh’s treasure....Imbues their weapon with an ancient power. Tutankflammen's Wrath Pyro Set - Staff of Moray - Melee Weapon - Phyroh's Curse - Hat Set Bonus Melee crit kills turns enemies to gold. Melee weapon gets Eyelander...
Camper Van Helsing returns
Collection by: Primrose!~
One year ago, a rumor emerged of a mysterious figure who roamed the outback in his van, wearing a shining cross and a tilted hat. Adorned with stakes and other weaponry; taking down horrid creatures of the night, and new players alike. He was rarely spott...
The French Affair
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba
Supreme Commander
Collection by: NeoDement
Militaristic set for Soldier featuring a hat and a coat.
Breakfast at Saxton's
Collection by: Neonomical22
“I hope you didn’t come here expecting some measly normal breakfast. Mann Co. breakfasts follow the business model to the letter – weapons and fighting. This is Breakfast at Saxton’s. This is not a breakfast to be taken lightly. While you’re at...
JPRAS & Texman's Halloween Goods Bag
Collection by: JPRAS
A collection of items made by me (JPRAS) and Texman. The collection includes the following items: -Merasmus's Private Stash -The Badlands Veil -Cryptic Keepsake -The Devil's Attorney -Last Lamp Light -The Undertaker Set -The Leather Face
Summer-Time Fun-Bundle!
Collection by: Psyke
Feeling the heat? Grab this little summer-bundle and beat the heat at nearest watering hole!
The Cold-Hearted Arsonist
Collection by: The Rare Aquatic Pyro
Introducing the NEW weapon set for the Cryogenator, The Cold-Hearted Arsonist! Oh don't be so cold. Its not like we're just trying to break the ice between us so that you'll buy our products. We just want to wish you a Merry Smissmas and tell you about th...
Collection by: SedimentarySocks
Dell "Justice" Conagher
Collection by: Colteh
The long-winded businessman that use brute force and negotiations to gain the intelligence!
The Civil Defense Engineer
Collection by: Sky (Away till 19th)
(Nuclear) winter is coming. Protect yourself from the worst of the elements with this home-made hazmat suit, hood and gadgets set.
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