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Dragon's Breath Archive
Collection by: Hydroplane
This collection was created to better sort out the two versions of the Dragon's Breath or the older version, Wyrm's Exhaust.
Serious Reconnaissance
Collection by: Svdl
Scout is the most dedicated of all professionals.
The Texan Techie
Collection by: Psyke
Gosh, Do you noobs even know how to build a sentry?
The Deceitful Detective
Collection by: Vaxorus
-Disclaimer- I did not create any of the items in this collection and do not claim to own any of them, i put this pack together in my spare time only to combine some of the great submissions made by members of the Team Fortress 2 Community. Hat - The ...
Straight Outta Boston
Collection by: Sparkwire
The most gangster scout you'll ever see this side of tuefort.
Wrath of Pele
Collection by: mexican
So far a three piece set, was originally intended to be five but I've been feeling immense lack of motivation. Here's status on everything. Coconut Bra: Finished Hula skirt: Finished Ukulele: Finished Flamethrower: still in the UV process Hat: hav...
Pyromancer's Gilded Shrouds
Collection by: donhonk
Thanks for the votes, please share! <3
American Pyro
Collection by: DeRosaJ
He has to return some videotapes
The Saxxy Awards Collection
Collection by: Bonk♥Mk
the full collection of the second annual of saxxy awards
The 'Nade Noggin
Collection by: availn
The 'Nade Noggin, based on the M26 "lemon grenade". It has 2 styles, both of which are jiggleboned, team coloured, and paintable.
Crafty Crowbar
Collection by: Papa Hale
Now you get to hold the all mighty crowbar in your own hands. Step into Freeman's shoes as you take his crowbar knocking out th eyes of your enemies.
Aerial Arsonist
Collection by: NeoDement
More pilot themed stuff for the Pyro!
canadian Contractor
Collection by: Eesi-Oh
Stuff made by people that aren't me and that i dont know
The D.I.Y. Doctor
Collection by: Will T.TVR
Not too long ago someone said "If you want a job in the industry, just give yourself one." I can virtually guarantee you that the industry being referred to was not internal medicine. But why should that stop you? His words are probably just as true for a...
The Loudness War pack
Collection by: Orko
This pack was created during the Facepunch TF2 Modcomp #2:
The MetalHead Mann
Collection by: King Supa Dupa
This is the set that splits up the MetalMind into to, gold starred, items. The Metal mind is a part of the collection so people can easily move to the newer items. Both Items will have Shots of how the two hats look combined. As always, please, give...
Winterized Sniper
Collection by: E-Arkham
A winter pack for the sniper: beard, collar, and a little something to keep you warm while burning badly mutated things you found under the ice.
The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic
Collection by: ♪ ZoraKirby
Halloween Pack for the Medic themed around Zombies and a certain character from a game add-on. I would make an image for this collection, but I would only be willing to use source filmmaker for it, which I am only now installing.
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