Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Terrorblade
Team Fortress 2 - my favourites
Collection by: Dan [greuceanu]
The Structural Engineer
Collection by: Wrench N Rockets
Airborne Arsonist
Collection by: ✨NeoDement✨
Pilot/plane themed set for the Pyro. Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!
Fortunate Son
Collection by: Get ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
War never ends
Collection by: Svdl
Dress up like someone with strong opinions about things.
The Covert Canadian
Collection by: MultiTrip💃
A Mountie disguise.
team fortress 2 items
Collection by: Blood and Bone
PYROmatics. Co.
Collection by: ∃Y≡YE
Items for Pyro. (I did not make these)
Biohazardous Materials
Collection by: Svdl
Zombies or zombie making ability probably not included. Infections or infection giving abilities probably not included.
Sparloch the Warrior Wizard
Collection by: Voxel Sigma
A set of wizardly items for an aspiring warrior wizard.
Crocket Master
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba
Blistering Heat
Collection by: Svdl
Why settle for just ordinary burns when you can cause both them AND chemical burns... at the exact same time!
The Teutonic Quest
Collection by: Earl de Darkwood
Supreme Commander
Collection by: ✨NeoDement✨
Militaristic set for Soldier featuring a hat and a coat.
Collection by: Bottled Vulture
The Rum Runner
Collection by: Professor Flubbman
It's important to look your best when you're running booze across the border, dodging cops, dodging bullets shot at you by cops, and dodging the friends of the cops you just shot. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. A couple of gangster-themed items ...
The Lunar Looter
Collection by: Sky
Found in a derelict lunar spaceship containing lots of stahlhelms, body armor, machine guns and propaganda..... and no means of producing food or oxygen.
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