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sydney noire
Collection by: dr.fez
the mens way of war gang up
the real man
Collection by: dr.fez
a sismiss contest item
2015 - New year, new cosmetics.
Collection by: • La Buche de Noël •
Just a collection of item that should be released in 2015. Valve, listen the community. TF2 is becoming a ''Money Generator 2007-2014''. I hope it's not too confusing by the way.
Ice Master
Collection by: How to fly as Spooder Man?
A set for those with a heart made of ice
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: SweetKing
the chop offcer
Collection by: dr.fez
a new promo item please vote
the manta
Collection by: dr.fez
a new promo item for fry cry 4
Downtown Sleuth
Collection by: Sky
Leather Coat, Leather Pants and scarf + Soul Patch combo for spy.
College Bound
Collection by: rgherrera
Collection by: brandonfoster099
furry's dream
TF2 Stuff
Collection by: ShadowJJG
Like Smissmas Morning
Collection by: CoBalt
All I want for smissmas is virtual items.
The Levis Climber
Collection by: Maxxy
Have you ever drinked while the world is upside down? Features: - Faceflexes - 3 LODs Vote for the set!
Workshop De Estefano2001 TF2
Collection by: Me Cambie De Cuenta :)
Este Es Mi Coleccion De Armas y Bestuarios De El Team Fortrees 2 :)
Deep Space Nine
Collection by: Jolly Dhonk
One small step for Mann, one giant leap for Mann Co.
Collection by: bagwandeen5981
Tf2 Halloween By Foxy
Collection by: sheepy
Its Stuff Made from other people for halloween I Do not Take Credit for the items in this
Smissmas 2014 Collection
Collection by: RetroMike
A gathering of winter items to warm the heart and your appendages.
Distant Yell Demo
Collection by: Jukebox
Did I ever tell you the definition of alcoholism? Alcoholism is drinking alcohol over, and over, and over. And expecting your life to change. That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I blew h...
The Tactical Takedown
Collection by: PriorFryer
Hmm... donuts or pizzza Ah hey Sniper! Boom!
Team Fortress 2 :D
Collection by: [Ro] ๖ۣۜﮎíŁèή†.
Collection by: DEATHCOUNT124
Davura's Collection
Collection by: [Kool]Killer Hazama
Todo lo que me gusta
Cosmetics & More
Collection by: Quacky
Cool cosmetics, give the owners a like.
Collection by: S.G skittles
i like what i have
Clear Shot
Collection by: Don'tRun Mr.Spy
Collection by: Мишка
Anonymous Attire
Collection by: Merczy
A not so inconspicous outfit for Scout. Weapons coming soon...
Marxist Mercenary
Collection by: Colteh
nice items
Collection by: lehmlog
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