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The Love Doctor
Collection by: Gadget
The Communist Commando
Collection by: Ertz™
"A powerful man once said: "dress for success and you will rule with an iron fist" Some heavy items (cuban theme)
Warlock Wear
Collection by: Merczy
a Warlock set for Medic.
The Mechanical Mann
Collection by: SedimentarySocks
A set of Mechanic themed items.
The Stranger from the East
Collection by: boomsta
A few Western items for the scout!
Exosphere Engineer
Collection by: Svdl
High above and beyond.
Corvalho's Wintertime Items
Collection by: Corvalho
My suggested items for the winter/swissmas update 2013.
Petyan The Unbreakable
Collection by: Populus
Squatting is lifestyle!
The Sea Saboteur
Collection by: nano393
Spies have everything, weapons, gadgets, moms, and many ways to kill you. There is no way to hide from them. It's your oportunity to see how those backstabers can follow you anywhere.
Fisherman's Fittings
Collection by: ‏‏‏Sexy Robot
A collection of items for the Fisherman's Fittings set.
Game Match Set
Collection by: Snubbs
A tennis themed item set for the Demo, a bit late to the party, but the Demo was drunk. Look out for these Tennis bombs made by Hunter, they look great!
The Urban Jungle
Collection by: CoBalt
Some filthy casual wear.
The hot Australian
Collection by: Youngdrozd
1) The fiery bow 2) The Australian Hatchet 3) Leather hat
Deinol's Sharky Stuff
Collection by: Deinol
All the Sharky Stuff made by Deinol is in this colection. (I will add more stuff in order I make it) Cup #1 medals
Collection by: nabique
Sole Survivor
Collection by: Sky
Set 2 of the "New Tuefort Wasteland" Collection. We don't need another hero. Weapons will be up sometime.
The Houyan-Long Pyro
Collection by: boomsta
I am very creative names
The Homemade Pyro Pack
Collection by: kek
The Homemade Pyro Pack: A collection of pyro items i made with my friends.
Mundy Dick
Collection by: Dewzie
Some Summer Sniper Shark Stuff.
Smissmas 2014 Collection
Collection by: RetroMike
A gathering of winter items to warm the heart and your appendages.
The Italian Essentials
Collection by: uwilmod
Fool your friends into thinking you're a professional chef without the risk of learning how to cook! AUTHOR'S NOTE: The only good thing here is the hat, but eh the weapons are there just for fun.
The Wired Warrior
Collection by: Merczy
a Cyborg Demoman Set.
Bell Boy's Essentials
Collection by: Colteh
Bellhop costume for scout
Surgeon's Scrubs
Collection by: Cipher
A two-item set for Medic that finally equips him for some proper surgery. Now you'll actually look like a proper doctor as you disembowel and mutilate your enemies*! * Looking like a doctor is not a suitable substitute for an actual medical license.
Way of the Warrior
Collection by: The Ronin
Way of the Warrior Set Please vote for them if you like them. Special thanks to Chenseï Koopa who came up with this idea in the Ronin Workshop Group. If you have an idea for a TF2 item/set, join our group (
The General Practioner
Collection by: Jukebox
Includes: Bavarian Baron The Sharp Schärpe Gilded Gauntlets
The Straw-Stuffed Stitch-up
Collection by: Evil_Knevil
Scarecrow set for Pyro
Boston Boy
Collection by: Sky
The Cavalryman's Kit
Collection by: Camp
The collection consists of 4 items... 'Cavalry Cover' - Hat 'Cavalry Sabre' - Melee Weapon 'Cavalry Tack' - Misc Item 'Cavalry Spurs' - Misc Item Well, that's about it... Much regards.
Gundalf the Red/Blu
Collection by: SedimentarySocks
You're a wizard.
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