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The Penny Needle
Collection by: Fadas Mazzic
Red blood is tiring to watch. Now I can see blue green and black blood! - Spy
Collection by: Damiron125(43rus)
гранаты для солдата
Collection by: pb39240
team fortress 2
Collection by: bárður hentze
Collection by: Trides
это оружие называется G36. Её плюсы это - большие обоимы, скорострельный и со случайными критами. А минусов у неё нет.
Scout's Face Smasher
Collection by: Dominator
This is no ordinary ping pong paddle, when you get hit in the face with this baby, you die! So it''s best to stay out of this scouts way 'cause he's coming for you!
super engy
Collection by: zero z dragone
f awsom
Collection by: adesfayes
Предметы TF2
Collection by: AppleMuffin
Collection by: Mr. Smith
prueba 001
Collection by: Mr.Fear
супер страшная
spy cat
Collection by: [SpookyHood]Rappy
spy cat t-shirt
stealth and recon
Collection by: chamonkey
Tired of getting your head blown off because your weapon is too noisy, then take a look at this suppressed pistol. Leave your enemies directionally confused, and dying to find your location. LITERALLY.
Collection by: thergamer1021
this new weapon changes the detonator detonatron By Nirrti is a skin
golden axe
Collection by: SK_PERSON
this a golden axe if you someone with it you will turn to soild gold
monster robot
Collection by: JOE-GAMER[FR]
Collection de destruction de robot
Collection by: ★BoomDuck☆
Spy weapons, espionage at it's worst.
Collection by: SpontaneousCourage
An arrangement of Spy weapons that have been poorly designed by me. I'm not responsible for any harm that comes to you where my creations are involved. (There will be work from other users uploaded to this playlist, don't think that I'm taking credit for ...
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