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TF.2 Cybernet gear
Collection by: Cyborgwaffle
It's gonna be the future soon, this is some of the best robot/cyborg-related items that may or may not exist.
team collection 2
Collection by: ☦₪TBC₪☦Agente_Hugo_66
aqui pongo mis objetos favoritos
Collection by: EFANAO!!!!!!!
TF2 Stuff
Collection by: skulhead541
Collection by: TK9273
The Pigs Collection
Collection by: ShreKosby
Just things i've seen that look pretty sexy. I take credit for the making of none of these.
Collection by: gunguru357
My new Collection is all of the cool/weird things TF2 has to offer
Collection by: Superfast jellyfish
sniper elite pack
Collection by: lvarez.jess
Mooie ontwerpen
Collection by: xXx_SteenLeader_xXx
Waffen, Kleidung
Collection by: Nick(Ger)
hidden blade
Collection by: WolfyCZ
the high tech ice ninjas collection
Collection by: Catninjatheglaceon
this is a collection based around ice and ninjas (stealth, etc.) if you have any weapons that would fit this catagory, or you have any feedback, be shure to comment
Collection by: fllagrave
tf2 only beotch
ninja spy
Collection by: dante son of sparda
ninja spy is spy in all black sunglasses and swords and hat
team fortress
Collection by: FutureHUD
Cool Weapons
Collection by: BKush^ TrulleN
Its some cool weapons
Collection by: Felix Koeken
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