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Futuristic collection
Collection by: IAM SOMEGUY
A futuristic collection that involves weopons likely to be found in an alien invasion movie or something that could be modern but just something unlikely to happen. I didn't look through every page but if you think you see something that should be in...
Engineers Demise
Collection by: The_Mundtster
This is a Bundle of super-great weapons, hats, misc, and sentries? Enjoy, Engineer
The Serpent's Hat
Collection by: Mr. Pyrous (Happy Xmas!)
The dynamic duo?
The Wicked Wings Pack
Collection by: HellJumper
A spooky Halloween set created for last year's Halloween. Sadly most of the content was Valve-made for that update, but it's always a possibility to add these during the next Halloween! The pack includes 3 models (2 weapons, 1 all-class hat). For more inf...
Halloween Goodies
Collection by: (¥DOE¥) Miles Prower
Well,Valve just announced that ,and the Halloween update was almost my Fav. update,so im gonna make a Collection only with Halloween Items :) .
The Herpetological Study
Collection by: ChaoticRøinish©
A hobby gone deadly... that is for your enimies.
The Fake Collection
Collection by: Punch brb 1 week
Can't look tough on your own? Buy these products and pretend you are!
Strange Festive Spy-cicle
Collection by: Kombat Wombat
This is my sugestion for an item that should be in the new naughty crate. It would be the perfect strange festive and it's a very popular weapon. It is already pretty Christmassy but with an added addition of lights who could resist? Tell me what you thin...
New Natascha
Collection by: ϟ☠DanpiR☠ϟ
Ammo Loaded 200 Damage Range Base:780 / sec.Crit:1900 / sec
Heavy's Coats
Collection by: Svdl
One with Camo, one without.
new Ambassador
Collection by: ϟ☠DanpiR☠ϟ
Базовый: 50 Крит: 140 Критические выстрелы в голову. Точность уменьшается после первого выстрела. Урон: -75 %. Скорость атаки: -30 %. Без случа...
The launcher for the soldier
Collection by: ϟ☠DanpiR☠ϟ
It has 100% faster than a rocket.  Offers 75% more damage. Guarantees a mini-crit damage opponents sent the air by the explosion. 7 0% smaller radius of damage.
Trapper's Call
Collection by: Loutral
Gathered here different items that can be relative with the trappers of the new world.
The Saxxy Awards Collection
Collection by: Anne♥
the full collection of the second annual of saxxy awards
canadian Contractor
Collection by: iAshe
Stuff made by people that aren't me and that i dont know
Never Hide 2.0 Styles
Collection by: Doud!
The Styles Of Never Hide 2.0
Crafty Crowbar
Collection by: Papa Hale
Now you get to hold the all mighty crowbar in your own hands. Step into Freeman's shoes as you take his crowbar knocking out th eyes of your enemies.
Virturs Top 51 Steam Workshop TF2 Collection
Collection by: mihaitza boss
The greatest items made by the Steam Community for Team Fortress 2.
The Soviet Souvenir
Collection by: johnnykrajcovic
Christmas 2012
Collection by: JackSlendyington(Jacksepticeye)
Used for all the items i think should be in christmas 2012 in tf2
Mann-conomy 2
Collection by: President Pyro of Pyroland
New Weapons and New Hats come together in one big and good idea that will be in TF2.. it will be awesome!!! so i think Valve should make a Mann-conomy 2 make all workshop ideas come to life!!! if Valve reads this... Let everyones idea go into ...
The Clerical Cap Clump
Collection by: Ion the M .ep
Yep, right here, two styles one hat, loads of "fun" based of an 18th century Cleric's cap. Feel free to vote them up if you'd like to cover your head with it. (and you can paint it) Update: Now with less robotic-hard rims!
Engineer Essentials
Collection by: rage
This is just a little stuff for engineer that i've made. :D
Steam Pack
Collection by: {Splee}cppro10
The best weapons on steam are put in this great collection of sucessful creations.
Sketchy Beverages Grenade Replacement Set
Collection by: heinous
Summer themed beverages replacement for classes with grenades, all Gold Star certified compatible, all 256x256 textures, all 2 LOD's, all have a normal map effect.
Terrible Turret
Collection by: Little_Kitsune™
"Try and get near that baby, your funeral" Well, i thought that sense every one else is doing Portal 2 stuff, why not me? its like a regular TF2 turret, but looks like a Portal 2 turret It has a little more HP than a regular TF2 turret It cant be zapp...
the golden hammer
Collection by: ☃ReuZ☃
it is a gold hammer and those who are smitten with it becomes golden and died
assassins creed
Collection by: Hi, im Bob
muito gira/ very cool
The Burns and the Bees
Collection by: PartlySmith
Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!
The Phantom of the Fortress
Collection by: Typo Hui
Imspired by the French novel "Phantom of the Opera": The spy fits perfect into the role of these two items. Instead of the Opera, the spy is the phantom of the Fortress
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