Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: supersonic
Collection by: gunshark1234
its awsome
Collection by: MAX BR
muito legal
killers collection
Collection by: Deathstroke
The Robotic Arsenal of Killing Stuff and looking Spiffy
Collection by: Derpy Batman Forever
HEY YOU! Do you like robots? SO DO I! But you know what's better than robots? KILLING ROBOTS! And you know what's even better than that? No? It's using their robot parts to build more weapons and hats so you can kill even more robots and look incredible w...
Collection by: Je_Suis_Kawaii
yolo kike
Collection by: pimentel.kike
is going to be relly usefull item for the game becase for scout engineer spy hevy medic all those player
Insanity's choice
Collection by: Insanity7☠
█▀▀░█░█░█▀█░█▀▀░█▀█ ▀▀█░█░█░█▀▀░█▀░░█▀▄ ▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀░░░▀▀▀░▀░▀ █░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█░ █▀█ █░░█░...
Top List Of Prototpyes
Collection by: Noob_Syb0t
I Find the Weapons that I feel are unique, different, and not just reskins for items. (Might throw in a hat or taunt in once in a while.)
Collection by: tailsdoll
Collection by: griloz
the cool
favoritos ender
Collection by: -DJ-Metroid-
solo objetos favoritos
cool stuff
Collection by: aguilera
i like stuff that makes me look good
tf2 collection
Collection by: BLOWTEK
Halloween 2014
Collection by: [WNDA]™ Were-Wolfy!
Halloween Hats, Taunts, And Weapons, only hats and weapon re-skins should be holiday restricted.
Mejores cosas
Collection by: toto426
Halloween 2014 Predictions
Collection by: Useless Gun
Hopefully Valve won't add the rest of the Magical Mercenary. R.I.P. Tenth Class
Amazing ideas I wish I made.
Collection by: it's chilly
Collection by: Pit6139
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