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Snowboarders Set
Collection by: Hawf
A few snowboarder themed items made for the scout including boots, goggles, and a snowboard.
Gambler's Gambit Styles
Collection by: Mickyan
Rudy's Replicas
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of Rudy's festive hat and misc combo.
Collection by: iLC/n
Kool and Nice
Bat Boy
Collection by: Orko
I'm Bat man.
The Porcelain Maniac
Collection by: Player Snood
Smissmass Selection
Collection by: Dewzie
A selection of Smissmass submissions. I'll add to this as I upload more stuff.
The Berlin Warrior
Collection by: ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
A classic World War 2 German Combat Medic attire for your history-driven Medic.
The Foreman
Collection by: MultiTrip💃
The One Man Band
Collection by: Lord Tekron
Bring you musical instruments out onto the battlefield so you may entertain your enemies before putting several holes in their bodies.
Texas Touchpad
Collection by: Yellow
This tablet will replace the standard PDA builder to fashion, beautiful plate!) I think if the engineer will get a tablet, it will be more interesting than a normal PDA.
Bonk - Collector's Edition
Collection by: Tatsuto
Collection of Bonk merchandise.
Mann's Essentials
Collection by: xXHotBones69Xx
A set ready for the soldier. He's ready, back from the dead (not really.), Ready to give haircuts.
The Master Artist
Collection by: Dynamite
Kill people with your tool of the trade, then paint a beautiful picture, using their blood as paint.
Wrath of Pele
Collection by: vene
So far a three piece set, was originally intended to be five but I've been feeling immense lack of motivation. Here's status on everything. Coconut Bra: Finished Hula skirt: Finished Ukulele: Finished Flamethrower: still in the UV process Hat: hav...
Skullgirls Promo Items
Collection by: DigitalBasic
A collection consisting of the potential Skullgirls promotional items that could be added into TF2 based on voting. As stated by the actual item pages: "Lab Zero needs your help! Valve has given us the opportunity to release Skullgirls Team Fortres...
The Demoman of Tomorrow Set!
Collection by: KQLY's on a Permanent VACation
Warped through a freak teleporter accident, you stumble upon the Demoman of Tomorrow Set! Includes: -The Cuttin' Edge Cutlass -The Swervin' Satellite -The Boostin' Boots All Stats: The Cuttin' Edge Cutlass +Does Bleed Damage +10% D...
Collection by: Stoner Vulture
The killer's ruthless hoodie
Collection by: ๖ۣۜGO_LE-스파이언유팜
Merciless baseball bat you make more ruthlessly wearing hooded.
Steam Fortress Patch
Collection by: killme
A collection of robot heads.
The Hard Worker
Collection by: ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
The Less-Than-Pleasant Peasant Pack
Collection by: Player Snood
On a home trip to Degroot Keep Demo stumbled into a secret room, what he found was a window into his ancestry, and some new toys.
What I would add for Halloween if I was pretending to be Valve.
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
A set of items I would chose if i was curating this years Halloween (without just adding all of my own items) **DISCLAIMER** If your item is not on this list, it does NOT mean I do not like it. I've tried my best to keep this list to 100 items only! a...
Night Time Sabotage
Collection by:
This is a set for when you're playing spy at night. Yes.
Zoltic the Fortune Healer
Collection by: Voodoo
Healing Fortunate teammates doesn't come easy. Sometimes it takes being able to see into the future and predict upcoming events. In times like these it is good to be prepared with the proper attire to channel Team Spirit. ------------ Hat, Moust...
Corrosive Catastrophe
Collection by: Voodoo
Moar Eyes is Moar Better. Radioactive Bread still makes good Sandvich, it just has some extra nutrients.
The Deceitful Detective
Collection by: Vaxorus
-Disclaimer- I did not create any of the items in this collection and do not claim to own any of them, i put this pack together in my spare time only to combine some of the great submissions made by members of the Team Fortress 2 Community. Hat - The ...
Tobacco Tycoon
Collection by: Stoner Vulture
Speedy Sandvich
Collection by: math debator
Pros - 20% run speed increase Drops a sandvich upon death Con - Cannot wear a hat while this is equipped Replaces secondary shotgun OH NO! Heavy is distracted! Turn speed -10%
Hand Picked Sniper Goods
Collection by: bazsowicz
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