Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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tf2 pack
Collection by: AlesMansay
Weapon place
Collection by: rickeyracoon123
The Ballistic Syringe
Collection by: SemoanSermosa
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is an item designated for the medic, there are two Ballistic Syringes one red in the left hand that will deal 50 damage per second to enemies for 5 seconds [left mouse click] and one blue in the right hand that will heal fellow ...
TeaM FortresS 2
Collection by: THBST
Tf2 Christmas 2012
Collection by: Dooudaa!
Best Christmas Items for Team fortress 2
xmas candy
Collection by: Retarded asshole
kills on spy
The headtaker broomerang
Collection by: YUR 0WN P3N15
This item is for the scout Aim for heads to have a mini-crits damage
Collection by: Haters
This is the reskin of the frontier justice 2 crit for evry kill and 1 crit for every assist
Gifts from a Special Someone
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba TheMurkyLurker
A collection of gifts from the Scout's Mom to the Spy. * An Umbrella * A Festive Tie and Sweater * A Wine Stopper * A Cigarette Holder The gifts from the Spy to the Scout's Mom shall remain undisclosed. Scout's Mom 3D Model by Rebbacus: http:/...
Collection by: LFT say wat m8
EArkham's Winter Smissmas Silliness 2012
Collection by: E-Arkham
Just a simple collection of general Smissmas items that I've created. Hats, nutcrackers, festive silliness!
Pyro Cap
Collection by: [Toxic Team] L3m0n $p!r!t
Pyro Cap
Collection by: [Toxic Team] L3m0n $p!r!t
NapyDaWise Winter Collection
Collection by: Napy Da Wise
A collection of wintery items made by me, or stuff that i helped to do.
Collection by: xXTheLeGenDXx ITA
is cool and strong cal 50 sniper rifle
Soldier's Skiing Pack
Collection by: SNIPA
This pack was inspired by the thought of making hot chocolate as a bugle replacement, and it went off from there! Thanks for taking the time to look at it, I would really appreciate if you would rate it up! Thanks, -SNIPA
One Cool Set for the Soldier
Collection by: boomsta
A collection of items for the Soldier that I have created. Rate it up and comment on it to tell me what you think! Thanks!
The GentleMedic
Collection by: Von Raptor
Only the most sophisticated of GentleMedics can use these most refined of items, and now YOU CAN TOO! Join the ranks of the Sophisticated Surgeons, and show those Rotten Cads how to look good whilst still practicing medicine! Conquer the Poor and Ir...
Collection by: Mr_AzottY
Another Damn Collection
Collection by: Highsman13
It is a collection.
The Delivery Mann
Collection by: Satan
Soldier needed to pay his rent, so he took a part-time job as a Mailman. Of course, he needed a way to get around those pesky front lawn Bulldogs. So, rig an old mailbox with a rocket launcher, and BAM. Package delieved in seconds.
gold knife
Collection by: Saxton Hale
this weapon's speed is 20.0.when you backstabb somebody they turn to gold.this item is for spy.this weapon is level 98.
Cool Winter Stuff
Collection by: RoboticScout25
This Is For All Of The Stuff That People Make For A Winter Update.
The holiday kill
Collection by: thadey.k
This is for you to kill your enimes with holiday cheer.
Pyro's Picks
Collection by: Franky
These are the Pyro items that I think should be implemented into TF2
Must be in the game
Collection by: ♫ TisTEvE
Heavy's Hardware
Collection by: Franky
These are the Heavy items that I think should be implemented into TF2...
Snipers Delight
Collection by: Super Kyle the Hat Hunter
Fast reload speed, great firing range, and headshots o' plenty. This is the plan to kill everyone you meet.
star wars
Collection by: Escoteiro
es una espada de star wars seria interesante que los demoman la utilizaran con el escudo . utilize esto de alta tecnologia por que sacaron muchas cosas con mucha tecnologia y una espada haria la diferencia
It's cool :)
Collection by: xdzhekaxd
Funny weapons
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