Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Items for Scoots
Collection by: Triportal
having an unhealthy obsession with scout carry on <3
Collection by: ejderpa
prolar için yaratılmıştır
My TF2 Collection
Collection by: Deadpool6423
My favorite Items and Stuff
lollollol i dont know how this works
Collection by: victorizer
TF2 Collection Fuzzy
Collection by: Fuzzy Slug
all tf2
mods for tf
Collection by: lilgrumpy
engineer stuff
Collection by: awsomedude2001
Powerful Sactter Gun
Collection by: C.J. Atiles 2728 [SG] Mana poop
this the weapon this is but it have killstreak in sactter gun but it have 15000000000 crits in 1500000 ammos it haves no loger to with this reload but socut can now reload speed! it haves 150000000 reload to reload your weapons from a scout Do not f...
Collection by: [ATU] thunder brony
tylers bosses
Collection by: tgoss27
Collection by: Mr.Reaper91
Collection by: =Celt= FlowgodFTW
tf2 stuff
Collection by: Chaosweeds
rly cool stuff
Team Object
Collection by: fefo_95
Team Fortress 2 weapons
Collection by: FUNTroller18
Collection by: FallMist
Collection by: I Forgot
My collection will be a number of weapons that are cool and interesting.
Collection by: [1MA] XPagoX
Collection by: DLK013
my personal favorite snipers pack
Collection by: kaioen
todo para el engineer
The thinker
Collection by: vero_313
It gives you ideas to stop your enemies.
Collection by: maxie 101
kill kill kill
Collection by: chaos_lord_merkali
Sniper weapons
Collection by: Swift_PanQuaKe
Collection by: Lolebajs
Badass TF2 Community Sets
Collection by: US Of Murica
NOTE: Any of these item sets do NOT, I repeat, NOT belong to me. I respect every one's submissions, and as much as would like to take credit for the masterpieces in this set, I can only take credit for gathering some of the best Sets and making em' into o...
TF2 Mods
Collection by: eszpresszo
My collection is only TF2 mods.
mods tf2
Collection by: mindythibodeaux
tf2 mods
Collection by: firepawkirby
TF2 head gear just for myself really but you want to use it try it out
The gentlemen
Collection by: Biojack
eh its whatever
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