Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Arcanna Industries Guns n' Gear
Collection by: Spooky poot.exe
Arcanna industries is proud to say that they create the best weapons, using futuristic technology, for use by mercinaries all over the galaxy! If you've ever needed a weapon that would not only slice your enemies into pieces but also absorb their life ene...
The King of the Gnomes
Collection by: Blood-Curdling Psyke
Chompski?...never heard of the guy.
Death Race
Collection by: GetSpooked
Beep beep
VLEK's Halloween Items
Collection by: VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Collection by: ПироНяшка
Sohm Doad's Best Bets (Halloween 2014)
Collection by: Sohm Doad
List of items I think will be accepted by valve for TF2. Not all the items I want but some of them. Gonna check after the update to see what made it and what wasn't there that did.
Collection by: [m8] Nexus02
team fortress 2
Yeti Weapons Guy
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
You know what they say about a guy with huge feet, Huge head. Also hands.
Collection by: desreed23
A Hell 'o Win Collection
Collection by: Corvalho
A bunch of items you'd love to be wearing this halloween. There's much more comming...
Sukeban Boy
Collection by: ЅedimentarySpooks
The Pet Thing of Sakurascout.
The Straw-Stuffed Stitch-up
Collection by: Evil_Slayer_Knevil
Scarecrow set for Pyro
Team FOrtress 2
Collection by: Mr.EvilBear
The american union pack
Collection by: Mike Schmdit
The Group of The American Empire items pack!!!
Gibbly's Terror Fortress Collection! Ѽ
Collection by: ѼHalloween Themed NameѼGibbly
A frightening (or laugh inducing) collection of halloween items i've contributed to this year Ѽ
Halloween Nightmares 2014
Collection by: E-Arkham
A series of spooky, ghastly, or ghostly items for Scream Fortress 2014. Be sure to favourite -- more items will be added as we get closer to Halloween!
Mongolian Death Worm
Collection by: GetSpooked
Halloween Stuff 2014
Collection by: NeoDement (boo)
So 3D
Collection by: ScoutsDominationTime
This will change the game mode your in and will let you have a possibility of making you faster!
All The Badges In Real Life
Collection by: biglemon29
People have loved all the badge mechandice I made so here is a collection of all them
Heartsman and IF's Halloween bonanza!
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
A collection of items we created for this years Halloween update!
Canis Ex Machina
Collection by: Spookwire◝('ω'◝ )
Release the hound.
Badass TF2 Workshop's
Collection by: ๖ۣۜMystogan(๖ۣۜBlank)
Jukebox's Invasion Items
Collection by: Jukebox
The Biohazard Warning
Collection by: Jukebox
3 Below
Collection by: Voodoo
3 Below: 3 styles 3 Below refers to the temperature or the bodycount (Sniper saves shells of victims in his hat). 3 Styles: 3 Below: has earflaps down. Cold Killer: Has flaps down and icycles Heatwave: Earflaps up. Team Colors, Pa...
Badass TF2 Things For Badass Wepons
Collection by: Bulletz4Breakfast
Simply Badass
Hafling Hunter's Attire
Collection by: Spookzy
Heavy is greatest orc of all time! Bow before Heavy!
(Subject-Name-Here)'s tf2 items
Collection by: (Subject-Name-Here)
This is where I am going to hoard/organise all my TF2 workshop items so they can all be found easily.
My Friend's Workshop Scares!!!
Collection by: ѼQuestionablyInsaneѼ
This is a collection of my favorite Halloween items my friends on the workshop have made. Be warned: These items are not for the weak of heart or the those with a full bladder!
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