Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Heavy's New Shave
Collection by: Bƹaringtoŋ
Hmm.Heavy got a hair ! he will be Happy if it is in :D
Collection by: Egor-Ka
Collection by: 囗囗猥琐丶c
Spy goodies pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pack of my favorite spy weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to spy
Sniper boom-O-rang
Collection by: The_Real_Tybalta
This collection just includes a boomerang that a sniper can use to throw to people and cause them to be stunned for a limited amount of time it depends on how far you threw it. It is the same concept as the sandman for the scout but this time it will be f...
Collection by: tht guy
Collection by: [DFS] Pootis Wizard
Chimney heav's
Collection by: Online Police
Heavy is ready for chrismas
bazooka blaster
Collection by: [APG] diabloss
C'est un bazooka normale sauf quand on tue quelqu'un on a plus de chances de faire des critiques . On peut le trouver ou le fabriquer . Fabrication : 1 métal affiné et 1 direct hit .
Sniper Hat
Collection by: TheGymGuy
Collection by: Vlake|FR|
Arme technologique : pas de rechargement, pas de munitions, utilisable par tout : Engineer, si ennemi touché : +10 métal. Santé : -25 pts de vie. Vitesse de déplacement 15% plus lente.
Collection by: xXTheLeGenDXx ITA
is cool and strong cal 50 sniper rifle
Pyro Cap
Collection by: [Toxic Team] L3m0n $p!r!t
Pyro Cap
Collection by: [Toxic Team] L3m0n $p!r!t
Collection by: LFT say wat m8
The headtaker broomerang
Collection by: YUR 0WN P3N15
This item is for the scout Aim for heads to have a mini-crits damage
xmas candy
Collection by: Retarded asshole
kills on spy
Weapon place
Collection by: rickeyracoon123
tf2 pack
Collection by: AlesMansay
New Colection
Collection by: The Travoltino
Буду делать чего нибудь новое!!!!!!!!
Collection by: dragonozzy7
RUMPLE collection will be filled with tonns of weapons and clothes you will want so ever much
lololo things
Collection by: Gashik
SOme olol things for pyro
Collection by: ¶๖ۣۜdґ мεðýķ ¶ ©
strzela laserem i jest fajne
scout new clothing
Collection by: ubercat The Lover of Spheal
face it the current scout clothing looks strange so lets add some new ones
pyro weapons
Collection by: MarneusCalgar10
Awesome flamers for all you pyromaniacs
AC3 tomahawk
Collection by: dan hyan
AC3 tomahawk is a awesome weapon and kills you'r enemy in 1 hit
Collection by: Marty McFly
The Huntsman's Harpoon
Collection by: CamGames665
It is a super-fast harpoon gun that could shoot a sentry down before it has a good chance to hit you, it is very rare and is level 50.
izzys awesomest
Collection by: ILM.:: CerberusFTW™ [DUCK^]
my first colection for TF2
Eshi Bensho
Collection by: (N.R.) Rater
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