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TF2 Collection of items I worked on
Collection by: Koulikov
These are the items that I worked on while working at Valve. I was not the author but did the work necessary to get the items in the game. I would make suggestions/requests of the authors in order to get the item accepted.
The TF2 Stash
Collection by: [dank] Honey Badger
A stash of my Team Fortress 2 items to put into the game.
TEAM Fortress 2
Collection by: Matches Malone
team fort 2
Collection by: Snipergodzilla
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: The Real Slim Shady
Random Crap
Collection by: Godzilla719
Random stuf for TF2
sniper with spit
Collection by: [LGS]lemons
a collection of things that get me musicaky wet almost like sharknado happen in real life
the tools of the gunexpert
Collection by: sauron
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Gelis311
Collection by: sierraidaho
Just some of my favorites. Nothing more.
Collection by: Luda Crips
mah collection
Mo's collection
Collection by: ✖ ^TheDuckSong^ ✖
Have fun with these winter collections
team fortress 2 collection
like a tf2 backpack but green and botkiller heads
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Fenix93
Collection by: Jin bifford
Team Fortress 2 DLC Yay!
Collection by: ❤CuteLittleAngel❤
Just for fun-zy
tf2 items
Collection by: sonnio
its the shizz that i like
my collection
Collection by: vizualizethis
this is my tf2 collection!!!!
team fortress 2lol
Collection by: goodjakebro
its stuff foir team fortress
Collection by: BliZzStaR - Menthalol
elle est jolie et c'est la mienne
The Fancy Saboteur
Collection by: Milk O'War
Collection by: piplatypus
Engineer stuff, with a cyndaquil
My TF2 Collection
Collection by: RocketFighter
Collection by: Mustard0
Cool clothes in Tf2
Collection by: ImmortalPyro95
Valve needs to add these weapons!
Collection by: blueNES
If Valve improves the new import tool and makes weapons compatible, these are the ones that should be added!
Collection by: [TIL]The Architect
Stuff of interest
Sky's Badass Collection
Collection by: Skyrunner65
Collection by: Socca
Awesome TF2 Stuff
Collection by: HellspawnedJawa
Just the coolest TF2 stuff in the Workshop!
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