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The Rejected Signalman
Collection by: Ryan
As a soldier I rescpect all my gear, if I would only know what these electronics do...
Snow Assassin
Collection by: JPRAS
Bundle of Faun
Collection by: DeRosaJ
Just a couple of faun-themed items for Halloween 2013-- hope they're rad!
The Ghost Hunter's Arsenal
Collection by: Problemagic
A pair of goggles and a ghost-holding packpack fit for ghost hunting.
The Nutcracker
Collection by: NeoDement
Nutcracker themed items for the Sniper
The Pyretheon Visitor
Collection by: Psyke
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said. [NOTE: this cosmetic set was concepted and created prior to announcement of the current official ingame xenomorph set, we've chosen to still upload it as an alternate head desig...
"Dorag & Beard Co."
Collection by: Sith Happens.
"Dorag & Beard Company." Unexpected Items for Expecting Customers. _______________________ Watch how TF2 Items are made live on my LIVE WORKSHOP!!! ○ ○ ○ http://ww...
The GraveDigger
Collection by: DatGmann
Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
The Captain Sandvich Set
Collection by: Ruskeydoo
Captain Sandvich “He's the hero Sandvich deserves” The Captain's Cape “Capes don't help with the superheroing business at all... but they do look cool.” The Futility Belt “Seriously. When the hell am I going to need shark repellent spra...
The Thing From Another Climate
Collection by: Sparkwire
Perfect for all kinds of situations, from rock climbing, fighting off aliens, or even just going to your local grocery store during a blizzard. Anything is possible with "The Thing From Another Climate"
Snipin' Space Man
Collection by: OverPovered
The complete set of workshop items necessary for archery in space with LASER ARROWS! Included are the Astral Assasin, the Laser Impact Quiver, and the Meteoroid Debris Protector. P.S. The laser arrow is peculiarly different, for it has a moving band o...
Festive Fool v2
Collection by: RetroMike
Bring a little holiday cheer and unspeakable pain to the other team with this festive collection!
The Deep Jungle Combat Collection
Collection by: 💪 DAVE | FLEX 💪
a collection of 7 excellent vietnam era items.
The Covert Canadian
Collection by: MultiTrip🎀
A Mountie disguise.
Literally, a Firebug
Collection by: Gerbil
Coming soon - Night of the Living update 2
The White Walker
Collection by: Napy Da Wise
Medic Winter Pack
Collection by: Get ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
Bell Boy's Essentials
Collection by: Colteh ◕ ◡ ◕
Bellhop costume for scout
The Shadow Sleeper
Collection by: Psyke
When he's pushing in the pin You'll be feeling grim.
The Secretly a Lizard Sniper
Collection by: E-Arkham
A pair of items for the Sniper: The Conspiratorial Cut - "Conspiracy nuts claim that if you unmask key Australian personalities, you will reveal that they're secretly New Zealanders. And also lizardmen." The Skinless Slashers - "Your human disgu...
The Big Game Hunter
Collection by: JPRAS
A pair of safari-themed items for the Sniper.
The Alcoholic's Armaments
Collection by: Eedo Baba
The Alcoholic's Armaments is a collection of brilliant new advancements in tactical blowing-things-up-and-looking-cool technology.
Tomb Raider Winter Gear
Collection by: Sparkwire
Engi's parka for the Tomb Raider contest.
Collection by: Constructor
The Demoman and the Sea
Collection by: MultiTrip🎀
Aye! It doesn't matter if ye be afraid of water or even if ye get seasick watchin' it on TV! Every landlubber will think ye be in the navy when ye don this nautical costume!
Sky's 2014 Collection
Collection by: Sky
Every workshop submission I've contributed to this year. Will be updated as more submissions are added.
The Deep Fried Dummy
Collection by: BANG!
BAM! I've got a bucket of fried chicken AND a chicken suit! Chicks DIG a man in a suit!
The Rough Rocketeer
Collection by: Roast
President. Soldier. Hero. Mustache.
Chef Medic
Collection by: Sky
Chef Coat, neckerchief, hat and mustache for the medic. Concept by JayAsh Model/Texture by Sky Vertex Normal Editing and Normals by donhonk
The Wood Roaster
Collection by: Ertz™
includes a flamethrower, a burning melee weapon and a burning wood basket .... what else ?
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