Team Fortress 2
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The Sideshow Scout Pack
Collection by: Icosahedron
"Come one, come all! See Yours Truly bash eveyone's skulls in!"
Collection by: Ernest
Elegant and Fancy
Deep Space Nine
Collection by: donhonk
One small step for Mann, one giant leap for Mann Co.
Russian Pin-King
Collection by: crazy-g
Bowling items by crazy-g and Mr.Gibbly
Volcanic Big Man
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba
Set of 2 volcanic items for Heavy
The Survivalist of Teufort
Collection by: Corvalho
As we all know nobody is better at surviving than the scout, and here are a few items for the best survivors.
The Nightcall Set
Collection by: SNIPA
Be the chauffuer you've always wanted...
Sniper Foxhunter Set
Collection by: SgtR007
A Very Voidy Christmas
Collection by: :void @vegas
A collection of all my Australian Christmas 2013 submissions.
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