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Collection by Dr. McNoob
just my stuff
Angry birds
Collection by AngryBirds110
sniper bat
Collection by brock0051
i hope you enjoy it
Cool Shit
Collection by spanx
Cool stuff that I like.
The Bonk crate.
Collection by st.pattyy
The crate with scout's melee wepons in it that he really wants to Bonk you to death.
go! go! go! XD
Collection by [DFS] mister Tank
does it look cool?
my collection
Collection by Giovanni
coisas minhas da Steam WorkShop
Zap Zap
Collection by shino1234565
One shot with this your enemies go bye!
Collection by √@Glot_X(='.'=)
Collection by {FancyBitch}
its a good gun
Solamame Selection
Collection by BOKOSUKA
Collection by [DFS]Painis Cupcake
Mr Kerns collection
Collection by Luftfahrtgeneral_GER_PL
its ispired by a math teacher, mr kern
Collection by Fun police
Basicly, the sentry is replaced with a turret from p0rtal.
Collection by zombie 7775
Testing Stuff
Collection by Shadow Bob
just for testing i do not think i will make anything
Sniper Barnet 50cal
Collection by *|PEZ|* SuperNova K4
The Barnet 50cal - When Zoomed press 't' to fire a net , trapping your enemy for 5 seconds making it easier for you to kill them! Attachments if possible - Wire netting (traps enemy for 10seconds instead of 5) - Double Shot (lets you shoot two shots be...
King of TF2
Collection by wildkid2201
it going to be cool and i think everyone is going to like it.
Wind Sword's Collection
Collection by Swaggic
Collection by assassin puppy
killer toys (literitly)
Collection by brandonmichitsch
the heart braker
Collection by Carter
it ia a gun that is rilly good for headshots doent call it a girl gun cus of the silenser
Collection by I SEE YOU |:|
My head will end you and gobble your shits
Private. Jackson Special
Collection by Pansy-Tongued Vegetable King
Private. Jackson Special... Marksman sniper from the blockbuster "Saving Private Ryan"
The Rasputin Hat
Collection by Kent # NO NET
Lvl. 10 Hat. Extremely extinct hat!
PG Tips
Collection by I am an owl
This is for fun and am just hoping for likes
Cool Things
Collection by Yolo-Swag #25
This Is A Collection Of This That Deserver The Right To Be In TeamFortress2. Gaben I Hope Your Seeing This!!
The Twins
Collection by iFoundMyCookie
Collection by zoneone79
a fantastica justiça
Collection by Souless_iruI™ [JkAm]
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