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Collection by: [{=-SUPER PRO ULTRA KILLER-=}]
Stuff for TF2
Collection by: SlapTheBacon
I dunno, I like it.
The platinum Glasses
Collection by: Anthony_python
Item Description: " This much platinum can't be good for your health" These shine and is reflective just like the real shining platinum, first style is solid lenses, second style is transparent lenses.
Оборудoвание Aperture Science
Collection by: [FNAF]Freddy FuseBear
Aperture Science поставляет Team Fortess 2 новое оружие и это просто оружие связано с порталом
The granadier heavy
Collection by: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
The weap secondary for the heavy
Melee Weapons
Collection by: S3pirion
All my Melee weapons for tf2 Rate them All Below! -The Trenchers terrorizer -The Skullchopper -The Trickster's Pricker -The Butterknife -The Electric Impact
o programador da recompensa
Collection by: (N.U.K) Guito #CHUPACURITHA!!!
os meus amigos dizem no no no
Collection by: Minecrafter
The Demopirate
Collection by: The Lord of the Groose
A collection of great pirate based demoman weapons, hats, and misc items.
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