Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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The Alcoholic All-Father
Collection by: InfectedPotato
More beard! More helmet! More footwear! Special mention to Rozzy for creating the shirt misc!
Rock 'n Roll Legacy
Collection by: Psyke
Show those goons on 2fort who the real king of rock and roll is with this 3 piece item set! Models by SVDL Textures by psyke Click here to vote on the singed singer!
Pirate Of The Hebridean
Collection by: Dewzie
A set of explosive-based weapons for the Demoman. For those wondering, the Hebridean Islands (Hebrides) are located off the west coast of Scotland.
Zhe Medical Mushroom
Collection by: morf
A highly infected prototype pack for the medic packed with mushrooms for maximum healing/hurting ratio! Please have a look at the promotion page: Please comment, rate, favorite and post your stat ide...
Arms Race Collection
Collection by: VernoGuy
Arms Race is a fan mod competition focused on weapons. This collection contains all the entries of this contest that are currently on the Workshop. Make sure to upvote all your favorite entries on the workshop and to decide the winner of the contest, vote...
The Flying Pets Set
Collection by: heinous
EVERY item in this collection is Gold Star Certified AND has wings flapping straight from the .zip file, no editing on Valve's behalf is required.
The Dumpster Pack
Collection by: Populus ✿
The Dumpster pack for the soldier. Don't forget to comment, rate, favorite and post your stat ideas!
Captain Crocket
Collection by: Orko
"Never fear, citizens of Teufort! Captain Crocket is here to wreck the day!"
The Exorcist
Collection by: Napy Da Wise
Exorcist Halloween set for the medic Follow Napy's work, subscribe to !
Gingerbread Collection
Collection by: Evil_Knevil
Collecting all the tasty gingerbread classes. Let's taste the team!
The Jarate Kid
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
What started with a joke blog post, ended in a kicking Kung-Fu set for scout! "I just dunno why they didn't start with my traditional outfit, or at the very least Scuba Scout or Kung Fu Fortress Scout or whatever."
Dark Age Defender Additions
Collection by: heinous
2 styles of helmets plus a pair of greaves to further accesorize the Dark Age Defender armor set for the Demoman.
Old* The Aviator of Tomorrow
Collection by: Hobo on Fire!
The Rowdy Roadie
Collection by: Miles Pyrower
One bad son of a gun, with a suitcase full of intel and money.
Teufort MannCo Ninja Torchers
Collection by: RetroMike
What do you think they are under those masks?
Night of the Living
Collection by: Yoko
It has the Night of the Living Update items. All credit goes to the creater of these epic items.
Caesar's Collection
Collection by: 💪 DAVE | FLEX 💪
A collection of priceless anicent artifacts for the Spy. Includes 3 Items: The Golden Gaius (Mask/Hat/Misc) Caesar's Chiv (Knife) Hadrian's Handbow (Revolver Replacement)
The Light Commando
Collection by: Ducksink
become a commando!
The Proper Psycho
Collection by: Ertz™
pyro head and coat Lets turn back the clock and revisit the past with the Proper Psycho set! you can now revisit the generic yet stylish appearance of a psychopath from the late 60's-early 70's horror flicks! wear a stylish mask, and wear a turtle ne...
Iron Gunslinger
Collection by: Svdl
Either a folk hero or a bloodthirsty murderer. Maybe a little bit of both. A cosmetic set for an Australian.
The Career Criminal
Collection by: Sparkwire
You havent had a single regret since you threw off your shackles to the man and became a gangster. Hey! Follow me if you want to be notified of my future item uploads, and thumb up and share if you like what I've made!
Deep Sea Diving Pyro
Collection by: Primrose!~
It's a little known fact that during his days off, Pyro likes to don a scuba diving mask and spend his time beneath the seas admiring the life beneath.
Castaway Pack
Collection by: [RMF]RIKUSYO
Castaway Pack for the Heavy Partnership (Primary) Heavy Anchor (Secondary) Coco Knuckle (Melee) Survivor's Hair (Hat) Lost Boots (Misc)
Count Tavish
Collection by: Ducksink
Ishikawa Goemon
Collection by: AyesDyef
A set based on the legendary thief, Ishikawa Goemon, overall sneaky person, unfortunately failed an assassination, and was publically executed by being cooked alive. Fitting for the Spy himself.
The Unsafe Worker
Collection by: Colteh u ͜ u
self explanatory
Meet the Pyro Pack
Collection by: nano393
"What could happen when you combine your favorite discipline with an incontrolable pyromania?" A pack of weapons for meet the Pyro. Well that's the plan. The idea is to make a weapon for all classes. Not exactly fire weapons (like pyro), but things rel...
The Rejected Signalman
Collection by: Ry▲n
As a soldier I rescpect all my gear, if I would only know what these electronics do...
The Sleeper Agent
Collection by: Evil_Knevil
The Sleeper Agent set Comes with hat, shoes and dressing gown. All items are paintable and have LOD's. Hat and shoes have different styles Models and textures by Evil_Knevil Special thanks to Psyke for coming up with names
Hats of the Past Era
Collection by: Hawf
A collection of hats all made in roughly a months time based on various pieces of head gear between the 1930's to 1950's All of these hats have been compiled with LOD's and using the proper "Itemtest" Directories. Some include styles and some are painta...
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