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The Camo Collection
Collection by CoBalt
For the man with nothing to hide but himself.
The Spyborg
Collection by Sky
Cyborg helmet and knife combo for the Sky.
Mobile Sentry Gun pack
Collection by Linko
To unlock the Mobile Sentry you'll need a special wrench: the burner. //DANGeR21 gave me the authorisation to create this pack with his wrench. Stats ideas: The Burner: +unlock the mobile sentry +50 % repair hit frequence +10 % repair speed (t...
Collection by Dewzie
Items named after Edinburgh, John o' Groats and the Firth of Forth in Scotland. Collection named after the Cairngorms mountain range.
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Yesterday, terrorized patrons of the Teufort Nuclear Ordnance Museum reported that a one-eyed man has made off with a few of the museum's exhibits. Chief among these items is a dangerously irradiated ukulele recovered from the site of a nuclear deto...
The Espionage Ensemble
Collection by Robert
Just because nobody will see you, doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best. Want any of these as a skin? Click the following links! The Shady Suspect: The Cold Case (Chi...
Wonderland Wanderer
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Set of 3 items for Pyro
Fire Mann
Collection by OverPovered
UPDATE: SFM artist Addamatic has created fantastic icons for this item as well as the other items in the Fire Mann set. Check out his artwork at Skin downloads: Wings of Glory: ...
Mafia's Marksmann
Collection by Corvalho
A mafia themed set of items for the sniper
The Bombardier Pack
Collection by boomsta
It has bombs and shield. Is all you need to know.
Vintage Pyrolean
Collection by Sky
Napoleonic wars inspired Pyro set. Shako, Coat and Gun based mostly on a blunderbuss.
The Communist Cosmonaut
Collection by SedimentarySocks
The Russians win the space race.
The Man from BeeCave
Collection by nano393
These little insects had been working for generations, same as my family. Maybe it's time to join forces...
Teddy Tinder
Collection by Ryan
Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Get ready To party, cuz' T̵͚̙͈̺͈͖e͙͡d̢̥̘̹̰̲̥̣d̤y̵̹͈̼̼͓̪ͅ ҉̻̱͙̻̗̩i̝͖̣̙̞̟s͠ ̹H͈̫E̩͞R̭E̠̱̯̱̩
The Off-Grid Operative
Collection by Bapaul
The Fire Fighter
Collection by Orko
"Where is the fire?" HERE is the fire!
Heartsman and IF's Halloween bonanza!
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of items we created for this years Halloween update!
15 Minutes of Flame
Collection by Segab
A set of swing/jazz inspired items for the Pyro: the Beatophone (a gramophone flamethrower), the Singed Singer (a jazz microphone), the Soot Suit (misc) and the Cotton Head (hat).
The Maintenance Essentials
Collection by ‏‏‏Sexy Robot
The entirety of the Maintenance Essentials item set for the Engineer. Models made by; Sexy Robot Textures made by; NassimO
Team Buttress
Collection by Svdl
Hold your team up!
A Hell 'o Win Collection
Collection by Corvalho
A bunch of items you'd love to be wearing this halloween. There's much more comming...
The Sightseers Essentials
Collection by Ryan
You don't need a asbestos filled fire proof suit to enjoy the heat.
The Lord Of The Rats
Collection by Ducksink
the hobo life is not an easy life
The Public Enemy Pack
Collection by [m00] Elbagast
Hey now would ya look at this, it's a whole town of hat lovers! They've got enough hats to make a hat fort! But that ain't gonna help them cos I have something better, yes, BETTER THAN HATS, which is GUNS. See guns kill people - let's see you do that with...
The Ace Commander
Collection by JPRAS
A war commander set for soldier!
Intergalactic Doctorate Kit
Collection by Constructor
Populus' Workshop Collection
Collection by Populus
Workshop collection of items made by me!
Spy Noir
Collection by NeoDement
It's a set
Bolshevik Bozo
Collection by Ryan
What's the matter kiddo, you're not afraid of clowns are ya?
Rooftop Rebel
Collection by Doctor Aibaleet
Scout is now a zombie and he jumps around screaming like a jackass
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