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Misc. Team Fortress 2
Collection by Pepsi Crusader
Sniper: Space Age
Collection by That Dispenser Is A Spy!
I did not make any of these skin. I just think they go well with each other.
Spy: Old Age Assassin
Collection by That Dispenser Is A Spy!
I didn't make any of these skins. I just thought they went well together.
My TF2 Favorites
Collection by Wolfkami
A collection of awesome gear that I would love to see in TF2
Cool weapons
Collection by Geilerscheiss
There are all the weapon that i find cool
Collection 1
Collection by Superblox
This is my first collection and I am hoping it will be cool
Did Someone Say... Medic?
Collection by llamaman333
A great collection of medic weapons and cosmetics that should certainly be in TF2! P.S. None of these were actually made by me, I just like them!
Collection by Zelsex
Destruction Worker
Collection by Bapaul
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