Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Full Metal Arsonist
Collection by: Deck Snowball-Lights
Concept - Omninerd Model, Texture, Bump, Rigging, Jiggles, Testing - Doctor Aibaleet Some Normals help - Dusty Showbiz
The Civil Killer
Collection by: boomsta
turret's collection
Collection by: turretgaming
idk i like it
Magic Sheep Smismass Bunduru
Collection by: Ryan
cartmens stuff
Collection by: Sgt. Jackass
cartmens favorite wallpaper epicface
Collection by: AdmiralStenchy
Collection by: Tuna Melt
odd job hat :D
Collection by: joeofawesomeness
Special Project
Collection by: ChozLoco
Assets for upcoming project...
Ranger of Northwoods
Collection by: Timberman
Cresting the next ridgeline, scouting the terrain, and stalking your prey. These are things you probably already do, but imagine doing them with the right gear! Take this hood and these tools along on your next run for a luxurious experience in the wild. ...
Khabarovsk Krai Commander Mk. II
Collection by: The Polar Dukespress
A Soviet uniform attire for the Heavy.
Collection by: Suicide-Games-DK
Collection by: BenKenDrownedMasterGhoststrider2
Collection by: тёмный рыцарь
Собираю хорошие вещи.
Jingle Fortress
Collection by: Jay Da Jingle Snipodile
Smissmas 2014 :D
Team Fortress 2 Minecraft Helmet Collection
Collection by: [WAFFEN-SS] Gu4rdi4n
Like Minecraft but don't want to play it? Instead play TF2 in style with your very own Minecraft Helmet! Now you can kinda sorta play both games at the same time!! w00t! I modeled, unwrapped and did technical work to get it into the engine ajacuff a...
Collection by: egolove
Stuff to make better soldiers
Collection by: DoC. D1®T™︻芫═
Collection by: kobra
things that should absolutely be in the game but will never be added because the TF2 team is just so fucking in love with hats
Collection by: Min Headroom
these are weapons and taunts that should be added to the game, but never will be because the tf2 team apparently cant be bothered with anything that isnt a hat also all the "certified compatable" items are absolute fucking garbo
Winter Warrior
Collection by: GoLDeN
Mighty hero, whos only goal is to protect the nortern lands (possibly somewhere near cp_coldfront)
Collection by: [SoW]m&m
Collection by: Dolan
mah shit. dont touch mah shitz
Collection by: Dewzie
Items named after Edinburgh, John o' Groats and the Firth of Forth in Scotland. Collection named after the Cairngorms mountain range.
bana para var
Collection by: cagrigok(TR) Türk
Stuff I want
Collection by: Zombomber115
Scout Pilgrim
Collection by: donhonk
Not too long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada
Snow Assassin
Collection by: JPRAS
Collection by: multigamer
Team Fortres
Collection by: Rubeniko16
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