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alive's dead awesome collection
Collection by Unknown
all items welcome, only some get through
The Best Of: 2015
Collection by Simonstar The Assassin Master...
This collection is for best item what i will search on steam....Please enjoy to my steam groups!
TF2 Collection
Collection by saelkey
This collection is awesome and is awesome!!
Subtle and artstyle-fitting cosmetic items
Collection by kaaos
Nothing retarded or weird or wacky. Just good old minimalistic and/or artstyle-fitting stuff.
Collection by andike414
je dobraa
killing weapons
Collection by RedBrainz
it is like a halloween pack full of halloween items
Collection by .arkadij=0000=
Comedy Gold
Collection by Beretta Kid
Hillarious TF2 workshop items go here.
Tf2 Best New Ideas
Collection by AwesomeLiamSniper411
The Best Ideas In tf2 workshop that should be added.
Collection by Da_Justice!
this is a robotic ullapool caber, the tip changes colour depending on which team you are on... red metalber = red team. blu team = blue metalber. you can also change the colour of the stick ie where you hold it...
Kol MrSpoko
Collection by MrSpoko
Zbieram tu żeczy zobione przez innych urzutkownikuw dzienkuje
My workshop Items
Collection by The Suspect
All items i have in my workshop ;)
Collection by Sanic
its all about weapons!!!
lightning bolt daggar
Collection by *=SAS=*killerwiller
30% faster on back stabs 10% faster movement
heavy weapons
Collection by yaxe
this is going to be a collection for the heavy
Collection by kanetaft
weapons gaye
Collection by SaF ☣ DO$H
SCOUT <3 <3
spy gimp mask
Collection by Moray Eel
Шпион GIMP Mask
Collection by NIC5 CYPRUS
Team Fortress 2 Epic Stuff
Collection by Blazed_Gamer
Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Stuff For TeamFortress 2
The Unpleasant Spy
Collection by Reggie Kedo
A New set for spy that if you complete the set,you move at the speed of a scout if you are looking at your prey.
Collection by ReyGates
Adam's Scout collection
Collection by ATLAS
Scout is favorite class, so i thought it would be fun to make my own weapons.
Коллекция d@N0n
Collection by d@N0n
Wicked stuff
Collection by xsco byrne
A Collection full of wicked stuff
killer gun
Collection by FALLinNIGHT2000
it's a cool gun
this is a best
Collection by [T-WTF] xandi
this sniper is a best
KdL´s Gear
Collection by KdL
Team Fortress 2 meets Spore
Collection by Giant mutant dog
This is the time to evolve! Make your classes in TF2 evolve and make growing,chittering and other noises. Just ask me Giant mutant dog to give out more pics for everyone that hate their classes and want to look differint and sound diffrent it also changes...
Winter is coming
Collection by Vladumir Ptin
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