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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ”*Ke€N*”ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ
Collection by: Super Kyle the Hat Hunter
Scouts new totally BONK-tastic new weapon.With a combo of bonk, this will increase scouts power, and his speed. Also, hit mouse2 in the air to smash downward for hard, ground pounding power.
Collection by: Dr.VEndetta
Моя Коллекция Будет состоять Из оружий для тихих убийств ; Ножей . Тихие Автоматы И т.д
Collection by: Prevoked
Collection by: [TR]Jack Sparrow
The Kill-Shot
Collection by: Weenut Brittle
SitDownShutup&Watch Film and New Media Festival
Collection by: james jkdoom kurtze
The SitDownShutup&Watch Film and New Media Festival is led by a steering committee of learning disabled film makers and artists living in Regional South Australia and Adelaide. Our vision is to live in a world where learning disabled people achieve thei...
Need to be added collection
Collection by: Meaty Bones
I am choosing what I want in tf2
pro collection
Collection by: xXProZombieKillerXx
Icy Winter
Collection by: Unknown Assassin
Icy weapons for the Winter.
la collection tf2
Collection by: Zedyx83
voila ma collection tf2 (team forteresse 2) j'éspère qu'elle vous plait merci d'aimer mes objets et j'éspère que vous les maiterais aux favoris merci d'avance
sniper pro
Collection by: Ichling
Its a weird picture i know but dont get tricked, because this knife will cut people in pieces(litterarly).I just say one thing.CHOP CHOP.
mens use
Collection by: GTV
it rocks
1 man army
Collection by: [killcamPT|AKa Danny|Dono do TF™
super cool 1 men army weapons
Sniper is cool
Collection by: Patronus1999[Buy Vanguard keys]
Moja kolekcja dla snajpera będzie przede wszystkim wygodna w użytkowaniu czyli lepsza od klasycznych broni na snajpera.
my favorites of tf2
Collection by: [pyr0z] <-- Leader
.................................................................... FAVORITES ......................................................................
Collection by: sarge
tf2 armas e mais
Collection by: [S.G]Golf
armas e mais de TEAM FORTRESS 2!!!!!!!!!!!
Снабжение для медиков
Collection by: (((:MiXaNFeed:)))
В этой коллекции собранны вещи конкретно для медиков .
fire fire fire only
Collection by: Moist Jesus
all pyro items
Strange Postal Pummeler
Collection by: Pasha
This strange postal pummeler with count all of ur kills during ur mail time adventure! This wepon will be same price as the strange axtinguisher!
Should-be sniper
Collection by: M7SD
For the sniper that needs more of that community sparkle Primary Secondary Melee Hat 2 MIscs and honorable mention.
Armored Kill
Collection by: MrShnizel
Armor for kills!!!
Collection by: IetsukkaTheFabulous
Eli....tääl on kaikkee sälää.
Sniper best of 2013
Collection by: [LaO]FunkyPanda
мои предметы из мастерской
Collection by: Dedsec
я просто собираю шапки на скаута из мастерской стима и ничего в этом интересного нет
Collection by: OtavioGamer
armas boas do tf2
Collection by: LUCIOLC-BR
pig smasher
Collection by: Mustache Gamer
jou kan angry birds shoot and the eggs
Collection by: Shadow The Hedgehog
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