Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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sniper weapon stash
Collection by: Sgt.Hellfire
Collection by: jack-b64
Budder moon's TF2 Stuff of randomness
Collection by: Budder Moon (Son of Luna)
Its random
Collection by: VEL0C0RAPT0R
Collection by: StreuErz Commander
Waffen und soo...
Lone Scout
Collection by: LaxAttack1226
The Lone Scout. A collection of many items, including: The Top Shot, by DeRosaJ The Flak Jack, by GetGrenade The Boot Warmers, by Sky Weapons include: The Hawthorn Harbinger, by AGS The Double Header, by Giant Shortstacks The Pinch Hitter, by...
Collection by: DoA¦ sKilL.eXe bis samstag weg
coleção de wolf
Collection by: Wolf
coleção de team fortres 2
Items That Really Should Be Added In Game
Collection by: SkeletonsScarySpooky
A lot of weapons/items on the workshop really show potential, or look absolutely great, but just get lost in the sea of workshop items. This list contains many items that really need to be seen and recognized and not spoon fed little tiny amounts of upvot...
Demoliton Expert
Collection by: LaxAttack1226
The Ultimate Pyro. A collection of many items, including: The Jaw Enforcement, by NeoDement The Battle Bags, by CoBalt The Splosive Sleeves, by donhonk The Hard Reboot, by Merczy Weapons include: The Scotch Guardian, by _Kilbum The Wee Willy,...
Collection by: Mongoose
alot of guns
Collection by: michalk222
spy cicle
Collection by: zachadac
well it has to go with the silent night set.
Collection by: derpy 1007
tf2 weps
Collection by: xXRainbow_DragonXx
random items that i thinck are cool
team fortress
Collection by: arconloxd
Collection by: ¤French Toast¤
Awsome workshop ideas
Collection by: Oscar The Grouch
Things in the TF2 orkshop i find interesting
Collection by: poartal master
5L4DE Approved TF2 Items
Collection by: #Slade
Just a simple collection of TF2 Items that I enjoy and aprove of! NOTE: I DID NOT CREATE, NOR DO I OWN ANY ITEMS LISTED HERE!!
engi collection
Collection by: (Legion of all sound)Assistant
colllectioooon 1!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Collection by: Black_Dragon8579
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: MonkeyDLuffy
Kool Shat
Collection by: Mittens' bitch
Shabbita Boopi
nice stuff
Collection by: dr.cheese burger
this is a cool weapon
Tf2 Wapons
Collection by: Pan Con Flow
The Lords TF2 Collection
Collection by: Lord TicerSon Gravnich
I don't know what to say?
tf2 collection
Collection by: Son's Pizza
Collection by: Ente
Things that'd make for a great TF2 update!
Collection by: [WNDA]™ Wolfy!
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