Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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collection jeny
Collection by: <<Jenek>>
the heavy from hell
Collection by: thesonicmew
now my friend, your screwed
Roman Wreckage
Collection by: DatAsheDoh
A complete set of weapons fit to a Roman taste. The Romans were considered the best soldiers of their times, so this set is for them. The soldier get a sheild, a tall Scutum (shield) for a secondary equip, a Gladius (sword with normal or shorter range b...
ninja collection
Collection by: Lo
sesi est pour les personne qui veule des truc ninja.
pyro helecopter hat!
Collection by: КАБАААААААН!
colour: random. effect:roaring. PYRO HAT.
Collection by: [EK.s] Dr_F41L
The Spined Salooneer
Collection by: wobblepoppa
This is my first attempt at making a new weapon set for the Engineer. I feel that since he is from Texas he deserves to have a good old fashion revolver to replace his pistol. I thought why not add spikes to it? Also for the wrench I decided that a pipe w...
The Troll's Strange Parts Workshop
Collection by: r0uge
This is my collection of strange part items for TF2. Please take a moment to see them and rate!
The Hoovy Bear!
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
The Tributes
Collection by: Zoidtrip
The Tributes. A big update and idea for you Valve i give you here in my collection some ideas for a big update i call: The Tributes.
rehab tf2 coll..
Collection by: DivineW3S.Ru Rehab
Donuts Awesome laboratoy
Collection by: Donut the stampede
tf2 items fo u
My Favorites
Collection by: PermaT4RD
All my favorite items.
Kaz's Sign Of Relief
Collection by: INFIDEL19D
This is Kaz's biggest sign of relief when it comes to killing
Collection by: ZeClawkinz
the Hunter
Collection by: Dr. Iridium
it has items that are made for hunting and all that.
Collection by: Saricose
The Best Collection Ever
Derpyfans Fun Kollektion
Collection by: Derpyfan the Dark
Weapons TF2 Needs
Collection by: Sweddy
These weapons aren't only what i like, they are on this list because there style fit the game, and also might have a good idea of it. All in here aren't popular, some in here just needs some more attention.
Collection by: JUST SLY
the light killer
Collection by: Batman the Greatest Detective
it has 3 different colors red , blue, and green. when it hits an enemy it make a lightsaber noise. it gives you 30% randmon mini-crits gives you -25 hp and on head kill give you 20 health
Items YAY!
Collection by: kellan.bennett
My collection is the best
Gorissen Gun
Collection by: Hondenkoekje1
Extra harden schoten knalle uit elkaar naar dat het in de lichaam komt doet ongeveer 50 dmg per schot je hebt maar 15 kogels per potje
lightning sword
Collection by: *=SAS=*killerwiller
30% faster running carge faster hirts more has lightning
NEW Pyro's Mask
Collection by: 1231231232
It's a new nice mask..
Collection by: [LRG] Jack
Collection by: NitЯOσ' •̪●(TN)
I'm Trying To Make All Grenades In TF2 To Be Throwable
be GoNEr
Collection by: NoGLA
Collection by: TheDay
ghosts collection is awsome
Collection by: DR HISMARIO123
it is form portal
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