Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Toki's Scout Pack
Collection by: daxter6
4 of Toki's favourite shit for scout. All credit goes to VovaN Übercharger | Olright Evil_Knevil and Valve © 2012.
Collection by: Diseeeek #*
the fuck woman
Collection by: 1024G(城管情报处)
The happy solider
Awesome Collection
Collection by: © Ưƞǩɲøẅƞ
Awesome Stuff for awesomeness like WEPS,and Hats SO ITS AWESOME SPY COLLECTOR
Collection by: ArcticLeron
The thrwing zapper
Collection by: NewhBiehh
it is a cool zapper
Brainz's Collection
Collection by: Supercake
A collection that has full of awesomeness stuff.
Collection by: SodaCan
Made for shits and giggles.
The Entrencher
Collection by: Darkysan :3
The Entrencher is a idea that I had for some time now as a new shovel for the soldier The Entrencher would have -a damage bonus of 20% -a slower swing speed of 10% -the ability to plant a stationary landmine, the landmine wouldn't be able tell whos...
Eau de Fortress
Collection by: xCYTING | sLIKZ
Trade aböe shit y0
Secret Backpack
Collection by: Wonton Autistic Soup
Secret backpack for all class Misc No paper falling effect
My Random Collection 1
Collection by: d34thw1sh
snaper po kazaxsci
Collection by: DarkOwl_400
Collection by: Ramm
The Unusually Effective Unusual Effects
Collection by: Hatty Hattington
This collection features new unusual effects for items in the game, basically.
cripeer cap
Collection by: ☆Savior☆
my cap is boom of dead Effect: cripeer's
weapon engeneer
Collection by: ☆Savior☆
weapon lazer attac
Шпион в законе
Collection by: WRATH
-60% жизней,+15% урона от огня,при выстреле в турель или попытки её уничтожения + 1 критическиц удар
The Great Weapons
Collection by: Kello1-0-6
the finger
Collection by: .:JeXXDK:.
this is like yours 3. th veaben its you f*** finger
like hitting
Collection by: Andreas[DK]
Collection by: *=SAS=*killerwiller
30%faster movement hirts move
Collection by: Puсkanchick
The Orange Star
Collection by: Drill Sergeant Frosty
Consists of a variety of things.
The Glove
Collection by: Brikaas
First it was the egineer robot arm, but later it transformt to level 2 '' The Glove '' Spawing Mini Sentry's and walking around like an idiot with a glove u can.. its just a glove than will do some funny things :P
der dreifache flammenwerfer
drücken man stirbt schnell
Winged Warrior
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
I Grew wings!
TF2 Weapons
Collection by: THįЯST TЯÃP
Collection by: 怒りと激怒
Second Style for Tyrant`s Helm
Collection by: Tony
Second Style for Tyrant`s Helm
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